6 years of blogging with you lovely folk: thank you so very much

Six years ago I made the decision to write a blog

at the time I had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve but I thought I’d give it a go and see what happened.


I wanted to share my love of writing and reading, my enjoyment of walking and taking photographs, and I thought I ‘d write about my ‘jollies,’  when I go out and about this gorgeous country with its historical buildings, villages, gardens and breath-taking countryside.

And I have tried to do all this and more.

View across The Vale of The White Horse (c) Jane Risdon 2011

(c) Jane Risdon 1982

Yesterday it was my blog’s 6th birthday.

I’ve been reflecting upon the past 6 years when I took that step into the unknown.

I had no idea what to expect, whether anyone ‘out there’ would read anything, or come back again once they had.

I needn’t have worried.

I have amassed the best friends you could ever imagine here,

who share my world and whose worlds I share and love dipping into.

6 years ago I didn’t know or expect this could happen.

What I did not expect was the friendships I’d form with people I most probably will never meet, and all the things we have in common.

I had no idea I’d have so much fun watching them achieve their dreams whilst I tried to achieve mine…

Our journey wasn’t/isn’t  always easy but throughout we have all kept our sense of humour.

I love that we can share a good giggle.

I didn’t realise that it would be so uplifting to read their stories and to feel satisfaction when they achieved their goals.

It’s been wonderful to have their kind, encouraging words when I have achieved some of mine.

It has been  difficult to see these friends struggle with obstacles, yet how wonderful it’s been when they’ve  overcome them.

I never thought I’d meet like-minded writers, readers, and bloggers and experience their kindness and generosity towards me and each other.

Their encouragement, advice and willingness to join in with me here and on other blogs, to offer the benefit of their experience and a helping hand has been a joy.

Their enthusiasm to get involved with blog tours, re-blogging, tweeting, and generally offering a platform to me and my writing and to my guest authors, has been so very enriching and rewarding.

My faith in the human spirit is not misplaced.

During this time I have endeavoured to reciprocate all this generosity and kindness in my own small way, as I feel strongly that we must all help one another if we can.

It’s a tough old world out there for writers. We are not in competition with each other; we complement each other and hopefully enrich our readers lives and ourselves.

Many, many, thanks for being here, for being a friend and for making my world a better and happier place.

I shall continue to try and reciprocate in any way I can.

Here is to the next 6 years with you all.

Jane xx

(c) Jane Risdon 2018 all photos except the last three images. All rights reserved.


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