Only One Woman Paperback for mass markets Published 24th May 2018

Paperback for Mass Markets:

Only One Woman

is published 24th May 2018


mass market paperback

is Published

24th May 2018

and is available from

Waterstones’ and Amazon

order from Waterstones’ if it is not in stock yet.

ISBN: 9781783757312

It is available for Pre-order from Amazon now.

UK/USA/Australia etc.

This paperback differs from the E-pub and Kindle Paperbacks already available from Amazon

Here is how:

We have a fabulous new back cover

We have a fabulous foreword written by

Graham Bonnet

of The Marbles, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Ritchie Blackmoor, Alcatraz and The Graham Bonnet Band to name a few.

Here is a snippet of what he said about reading Only One Woman:
‘For me Jane and Christina’s book – “Only One Woman” – reflects very honestly those times and the feel of those times. I can picture myself back in London when reading some of the pages. The 1960s, for me, was probably the most wonderful time in the music business with such bands as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, and The Bee Gees and more: the list is endless’.

This book will take you back to that time; read on readers.

Graham Bonnet, Studio City, Los Angeles, California

Christina and I hope you will enjoy reading Only One Woman as much as our reviewers to date have – 37 5* reviews from guy and gals alike….

Please let us know: leave a review or a comment on amazon and our Facebook Page if you have, and here of course.



    • Many thanks Michael, it has been a long time coming but guys love it too so it has been worth it – 37 5* reviews to date – so we are hopeful more will love it too. Yes all that hair and flowing dresses, headbands and beads…what a time. Loved it. xx


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