Interview with Author Jane Risdon!

I had the pleasure of nattering about myself to Janice on her blog and it was great fun. Lots of fa folk responded and joined in…would love you to do so as well. And, there are other authors chatting about themselves and their writing every week, so drop in on Janice and enjoy…



Jane Risdon

Jane Risdon

Please help me welcome author, Jane Risdon, to Jemsbooks.Blog Segment, Interview an Author.

It’s lovely to meet you, Jane. Welcome.

Hello Janice, thanks so much for letting me tell you and your readers something about myself.

I’m married to a musician who I’ve been with since I was very young. Life was hectic and I was the main bread-winner for many years when he was touring and recording. Crime/thriller writing was something I’ve always wanted to do since a small child, but life got in the way as you can imagine. Enid Blyton started me off, with Robert Louis Stevenson and Agatha Christie feeding my yearning for adventure I suppose.
Later my husband and I went into management of artists, singers, songwriters, and record producers and we placed music on to soundtracks for movies and television. Yet again we spent almost all our…

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