The Gift: Crime and Spookiness all in one story coming soon

For the last few years

I’ve contributed to a series of anthologies

published by Plaisted Publishing House:

 Ghostly Writes Anthologies

and this year is no exception.

Four Anthologies

The stories are written by authors from around the globe

and are available in E-book and some are Print on

Demand Paperbacks.

The E-books are usually FREE to read.

Most of these anthologies have featured in the Kindle Top 20 and Top 100 Anthologies since publication.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016 has received the SILVER Award in the Summer Indie Book Awards 2017.

The 2018 Ghostly Writes Anthology

will be published in time for Halloween

and this year my contribution is called


The Gift by Jane Risdon

My story is a Crime story with a spooky twist.

 Here is a taster…

The room stank of bleach but that couldn’t be helped, he’d opened the windows and was sure that the odour

would soon evaporate.

Air fresheners would help too.

Nothing was left that he could see but he knew that modern forensics would be able to find blood splatter if

they sprayed Luminol where they suspected the murder took place…

Coming soon

Keep ’em peeled for the latest Ghostly Writes Anthology.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in reading some of my contributions and those from other authors, drop

over to my Amazon Author page where you will find links to the books:

And my GoodReads page is:

My Facebook Author page is:


Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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