Smorgasbord invites you to a Halloween Fancy Dress Party on Wednesday 31st October –

Oh, how I wish I’d been to a fancy dress party but I never have. But don’t let me stop you. Drop in and enjoy the fun, food and drink…always a blast with Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

No blogger daily today as we have guests for dinner and I am busy cooking.. sorry you are not close enough to join us. But I thought I would reshare the post on next week’s Halloween Party on Wednesday – it is a fancy dress party, so far we have had some great photos, they don’t have to be Halloween and to be honest if they look fun then send them. Details in the post below… off to make fajitas…ole…ole..ole.

I am sure that there will be many posts on 31st October celebrating Halloween and I thought I might have a party too.

Since this holiday is about dressing up, I thought that I would make this a Fancy Dress Party and you have to be suitably attired to get through the door.

The good news is that you can send in a photograph of you in fancy dress at…

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