Season’s Greetings to you all and Happy 2019: thanks for being here with me

Happy Christmas

to those who celebrate and

Season’s Greetings to

those who don’t.

Happy New Year to you all as well.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support throughout this year, it has been fab getting

to know new friends and to

welcome those I’m already familiar with.

You have all been a great support to me with my blog and my writing and I want to thank you all so very much.

I was going to list everyone by name but it began to resemble War and Peace and I was worried I might miss someone

out, so please accept this as a huge


to you all for being such amazing friends.

It has been an incredible year for me.

Having dreamed all my life of being a published author with a traditional publisher,

my dream came true in 2014 when I signed with

Accent Press Ltd.

Until then I’d been featured in 15 anthologies for various publishers, newsletters, and online magazines

but not as a signed author.

My publishers took some of my short stories in 2014 and included them in two anthologies:

Shiver and Wishing on a Star.

(both these and my other contributions to anthologies are still available on Amazon and other digital platforms)

In November 2017 my first novel,

Only One Woman

co-written with award-winning, best-selling author,

Christina Jones,

was published as an eBook by

Accent Press Ltd.

Only One Woman

is the result of 5 years of writing, changes of editors, and publishing delays – but we made it

and our 1960s tale of two girls and one musician was published on

November 23rd 2017

as an eBook

and on

May 24th 2018

Only One Woman

was published in Paperback as well,

for mass markets including Waterstones Book Stores

ISBN: 9781783757312

and Simon & Schuster – North America

ISBN:  9781682994252

and for Kindle

around the world

Not my usual crime/thriller story for a change, this is the tale of two girls growing up in the final years of

the Swingin’ Sixties whose shared love of music and fashion

and their love for the same lead guitarist in a rock band,

Narnia’s Children,

linked them even though, at that time, the girls had never met.

The novel is filled with musical references, authentic musical events and with familiar venues which were on ‘the circuit’


then for bands on tour in the UK and overseas.

The lives of the musicians have been recreated from experiences Christina and I shared or observed – though not at the

same time – and of course the fabulous 1960s fashions and make-up styles everyone was wearing get a mention too.

Only One Woman

is not only a love triangle, but it is a social comment on the life in the 1960s and two teenage whose lives were

influenced by and

changing rapidly due to world events and the choices they were making as they moved towards a new decade.

 It has been well received and we are grateful for each and every reader review and purchase of

Only One Woman

not to mention the numerous calls for a sequel – which I’ve just started writing.

Throughout 2018 I’ve continued to contribute towards anthologies with my short stories –

Various Crime Anthologies

and The Ghostly Writes Anthology 2018

as well as writing articles for various online Newsletters and Magazines –

see my Facebook pages and Amazon Page for more information.

However, another dream came true in December 2018 with the publication of my first

collection of Crime stories –

Undercover: Crime Shorts

It is published as an eBook on most digital platforms

on Amazon in January 2019

and will be in Paperback in early January 2019…

Watch this space for details in January.

I have been a  little remiss in not posting many ‘jollies’ this year and that is mainly due to

illness and immobility issues, but I have a back-log of ‘jollies’ to write up for trips prior to

recent health issues, and I shall do my best to share them more frequently from now on.

I shall continue to host Guest Authors throughout 2019 and have a couple of fab authors

lined up for the next few


I love finding out about new writers and their career paths.

I hope you will drop in and read all about them when they visit me.

Anyway, thanks again for being here, it is fun chatting with you,

visiting and reading your blog posts and finding out about your latest

books and reading materials and I do hope we can all do it again in


Be safe, be happy, keep healthy and have a prosperous and joyful

2019 everyone.



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