Undercover: Crime Shorts. So excited to announce my first collection is published

Undercover: Crime Shorts

eBook edition

available most digital platforms – Amazon to follow soon.


  is published 

(with the paperback to follow soon)

I hope you will enjoy my first collection of short stories in one place at last.

If you enjoy a gripping yarn with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction,

Undercover: Crime Shorts

will take you to the edge of your seat.

Don’t just take my word for it:

 Roger A Price: Former Detective and Author of Nemesis and Vengeance:

Undercover: crime shorts; is a wonderfully satisfying anthology of six short stories which

transcend above the crime fiction genre providing a ripping yarn irrespective of the reader’s

crime fiction preference.

Jane Risdon has cleverly stitched together a mix of tales to suit all

fans of the genre.

Just a few tasters of what to expect.

How far would you go to inherit a fortune – as far as murder?

The reading of Tiffany Blunt’s Will was a subdued affair.

Those who’d hoped to inherit didn’t, and those who had been

invited to attend – without knowing why – were suddenly beneficiaries.

It was all a bit odd really. 


You never know who is living in the apartment next door – until…

She was so deep in thought she didn’t realise that her foot had hit against the bottom of the door as she pressed against

the wood, still debating what to do, if anything.

The noise was subtle and she hadn’t heard it, but it had been heard.

An eye watched her through the spy-hole.

The trap is set, she has her orders;  he can’t wait to play the game…

Suddenly he began to squeeze tighter and tighter. Somewhere in her oxygen-starved brain, as she began to choke, it

dawned on her that this wasn’t a game after all.

By then it was too late.

Bathroom (c) Jane Risdon 2012

 photo: Jane Risdon 2002

Never trust a syncopating redhead

The red-head chuckled to herself as she repaired her lipstick, pouting seductively at herself in the mirror, waiting for the

stagehand to knock on her door with her final call.

She was buzzing.

She’d done it again, she’d pulled it off.

It was better than any sex she’d ever had, and that was saying something.

She chuckled, puckered her ample lips and blew herself a huge wet kiss. 

Mary Pickford Cocktail – photo Will Shenton

Outside in the darkness someone waits and watches – but why?

Just as Candice was getting into bed a car passed by slowly, headlights dimmed and its occupant difficult to see.

His jacket collar was almost covering his face and his baseball cap was pulled down low.

As the car entered her street the man in the shadows moved further into the gloom, puzzled.

He was sure the car had gone by twice before, moving slowly as it passed the house.

 Kicked out after 20 years loyal service, without even a thank you

For the last three years, she had lived another life, had buried her real self taking on the mantle of a hardened Madam –

a trafficker of girls, the worst kind of criminal – and, for the umpteenth time, she had fought nausea as she negotiated

with the Eastern European.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is published by Plaisted Publishing House and Mara Reitsma is responsible for the graphics on my cover. Thanks so much to them, especially Claire Plaisted who has had the patience of a saint with me when formatting and doing edits.









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