Fiction: Customer Service By Margot Kinberg

Another fabulous short story from Margot Kinberg, if you haven’t read any of her work before, you are depriving yourself of a wonderful treat. Don’t miss out, read this now.

Punk Noir Magazine

Photosmall of Margot Kinberg

It was raining outside – the kind of cold rain that goes down the back of your neck and makes you feel you’ll never warm up. But Casey didn’t mind. Sadie’s Place was warm and dry, and he liked the way they did their burgers. They weren’t too dry, but they didn’t squirt juice all over, either.

Casey looked up from the slightly sticky menu he’d been reading. There she was. Her name was Jo – he’d read that on her name tag. And she was heading his way. That might mean he was at one of her tables. She walked a few feet closer and pulled a pad out of her pocket. He was right!

‘How are you?’ she asked, with that special smile he’d seen the last time he was in.

‘I’m good. You?’ God, that was stupid. But she smiled again. A special smile just for him.

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