Roger A Price: Crime Fighter/Crime Writer is my Guest Author on the first stop on his Blog Tour

Roger A Price

has been my Guest Author before but things have moved on since then and so I thought it would be interesting to catch up with him and his latest book 


Welcome to the first day of his blog tour with this fab book. I am dead chuffed he agreed to be on my blog first…

Let’s find out more about him first:

I was born in Bury, raised in Whitley Bay, and have lived in Lancashire since I was thirteen. Currently living in Preston, I served for over thirty-one years with the Lancashire Constabulary, the Regional Crime Squad and the National Crime Squad. I retired in the rank of detective inspector in charge of a covert unit, which received local and national acclaim for its successes in engaging those who openly sold Class A drugs, such as heroin and crack cocaine.

Prior to this, I led the C.I.D. in Preston for a short while and before that, I was in charge of a dedicated informant unit. Previous experiences include work on many murder investigations and other serious crimes, as well as time spent on drug squads. I have served around the region, country, and overseas.

My work on the National Crime Squad took me across Europe and to the Far East. I have been commended on four occasions. I now write fiction based in part on my experiences and in part from my fevered imagination.


My first novel, By Their Rules, was followed by A New Menace,

before I joined Endeavour Media with a new

‘Badge & the Pen’ series of crime thrillers which brings together maverick DI Vinnie Palmer and sassy investigative news reporter, Christine Jones. Unlikely bedfellows who compliment each other as they seek the truth but from differing agendas.

The first in the series is Nemesis, where they hunt down an escaped psychopath, followed by Vengeance, where the troubles of Northern Ireland of twenty years ago remerge in the criminal underworld of north-west England.

HIDDEN is the third where Vinnie and Christine face the worst of criminals, as they hunt those responsible for people trafficking, forced servitude and prostitution, in a race-against-time thriller.

I have also written an original returning police drama for TV which is going out on submission as we speak, via my agent Olav Wyper at SMA Talent Ltd. McCall and Stamp are trouble-shooters from the dark world of covert policing; solving problems where nothing is black or white: only grey!




“Fast-paced, sinister and authentic – Hidden is thrilling crime noir written with such exactitude that it’s hard to tell where fiction ends and the chilling facts of a very dark underworld begin. I know I’ve said it before but this one really is the best book in a series that just keeps getting better and better. For a first-class police procedural look no further, Roger A Price is the real thing.” – Gary Donnelly, author of Blood Will Be Born

“Some writers talk the talk, but Roger Price walks the walk,” Stephen Leather.


Quotes from the book for the potential reader to find: how about: ‘You’ll have to read the book to discover what is rarer “Than a dropped pie in Wigan.”‘

Or perhaps, ‘You’ll have to read the book to find out what disturbed DI Vinnie Palmer when he said,

I don’t want to look into any more eyes that are barren of hope,’ Vinnie said, remembering the soulless looks he’d seen at the first mill they liberated.”

Or how about the time I got legally stoned on duty!

We were unloading a container full of Thia Herbal Cannabis – 2 tons – on the National Crime Squad, when, after a couple of hours, everyone started messing about, and I found it hilarious when I was supposed to be in charge, I couldn’t stop giggling, nor could anyone else. Then it struck me: we where all stoned from the passive inhalation; 2 tons gives off quite a smell!

Also, whilst unloading a container in Southampton (which had been at sea for 4 weeks) a cockroach the size of your hand jumped out and scurried off to mate with the tiny British counterparts!! There is probably a race of super-roaches roaming Hampshire as we speak.



The watery sun was low in the sky, and although still warm, had lost its earlier ferocity and would be gone altogether in a couple of hours. Vinnie Palmer swapped cheeks on his sun lounger and turned to his left to face Christine. He had been stuck in the same position for too long, as he’d surveyed the yellow fire plane make its last practice run of the day before landing gracefully on the water in the Porta Pollensa bay. He’d watched as it chugged to its seaside hangar, before its engines cut and the displaced waters ebbed and flowed in a slowing rhythm.

He had to squint to shield his eyes from the glare of the lateral sun, which flashed off the peaks of the water’s ripples. Even though it was now more pink and orange than yellow or gold. His focus switched to Christine and he could see her chest rising and falling, accompanied by the odd murmur. It was a shame to disturb her, but he knew it was time to get going. The beach closed at 5 p.m. this time of year to allow for maintenance before the light went. Plus, his backside was starting to really ache.

Beyond Christine’s lounger stretched a further 20 metres of beach before a thick copse of pine trees marked out a natural perimeter. Vinnie noticed that the rest of the beach was now empty. His gaze paused on the treeline as fast movement within the copse caught his attention and brought his vision into sharp focus. He leaned forward and then placed his feet on the sand at the side of his lounger, to get a better look. Nothing. He scanned up and down, still nothing. Perhaps he was mistaken? Cops were good at seeing and recognising things others might miss, but they were also good at over-interpretation.

He glanced behind them — inland — but could see nothing. The only sounds were the exquisite rhythmic swish of the incoming tide from the Mediterranean Sea. He started to relax and turned to grab his towel from the back of his lounger before deciding to take a closer look. He needed to get up, anyway.

Grateful for the chance to stretch his back and relieve his numb bum, he ambled over to the treeline beyond Christine, noticing that she was still snoozing as he passed her, though the murmurings were becoming more frequent — she was starting to stir. At the treeline, Vinnie still couldn’t see anything moving, though the copse was thick with tall pine trees only a few feet apart with dense gorse vegetation in between, testament to the Spanish rain that visited during the winter months.

He glanced at the inland trees as he walked back to the sun loungers, but saw nothing. He was supposed to be on holiday, it was time to switch off. In fact, it was his first real holiday in years. When he was married to Lesley she hated beach holidays and there was never any compromising with her. It was museums and walks, or nothing. Not that he minded the odd infusion of culture or the occasional pointless stroll, but when you’d worked all year as a busy detective inspector… all he really wanted to do was enjoy the three Ss.

This was the first time he and Christine had been away; in fact, they’d only been dating a few weeks so he’d only enjoyed the sun and the sangria so far. Though to be fair, it was only day one. Still six days — and nights — to go. He shook the thought from his mind before he embarrassed himself; swimming shorts only provide so much protection.

He reached the sun loungers and Christine muttered, ‘What time is it?’

‘Quarter to five,’ Vinnie answered, as he pulled his T-shirt from the upright of his sun bed and started to pull it over his head. He turned away from the sun as he did so.

‘I’ll make a move, what time does the beach close?’ she asked.

‘Five,’ Vinnie answered, as his head started to break loose from the grip of the T-shirt’s neckband. He must have put on a few pounds. Though he never truly understood why neckbands became tighter when pulled over your head. If you put on weight then shirt collars became tighter around the neck, for obvious reasons, but heads surely didn’t get fatter; or did they?

It occurred to Vinnie that he must be starting to switch into holiday mode, if all his mind could think of to occupy itself was such inane trivia. It made a change from what it usually had to contend with when he was in the middle of a murder investigation. Definitely a good sign.

It also told him how relaxed he was in Christine’s company. He’d known her professionally for a few months now. They’d first met properly when chasing the escaped murderer Daniel Moxley, and then again chasing around after the twisted ex-IRA terrorist McKnowle, in Preston. It was shortly after that job, when he’d caught the bad guys, and Christine received the best TV ratings of her career with the documentary that followed, that he’d asked her out proper. And here they were, five months later.

Vinnie’s eyes closed as his head popped through his T-shirt’s neckband, he’d no idea why; an involuntary thing. But before he could open them he felt hot sticky fluid spray across his face. He also heard a shrill scream right in front of him.

Eyes wide open, he could see a young woman dart from the trees, which were only a couple of feet in front of him, but before he could react she was off down the beach at an impressive pace. He was about to go after her when he realised that what was on his face smelled metallic. It was blood; he knew that even before his dabbing fingers confirmed it. He then heard a second scream, this time coming from Christine, as she shot to her feet.

Thanks, Roger, this has been so interesting and catching up has been wonderful. Good luck with all your books and especially your latest and have fun on your blog tour.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE crime short story – Service Please – set in the days before Roger’s new novel Hidden begins. Both have the scourge that is modern day slavery in their premise.

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Twitter: @RAPriceAuthor


HIDDEN by Roger A. Price (UK)

HIDDEN by Roger A. Price (US)

HIDDEN by Roger A. Price (AU)

HIDDEN by Roger A. Price (CA)

Roger A. Price – Novelist and Screenwriter.

 Rep’d by SMA Talent – London. Latest novel VENGEANCE: Available from Amazon UK and USA published by Endeavour Media. Please click on: My Website or My Blog for more details.

Member of the Crime Writers’ Association

Roger’s previous visit with me:


  1. It’s a great piece you’ve put together, Jane, thanks for putting the short story prequel Service Please up too. As well as being a prequel to the novel HIDDEN, I hope both also help raise awareness of the horror that is modern day slavery; it’s all around us, but we sometimes don’t see it.

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  2. It’s great to be a guest on Jane’s fabulous blog today, and I will around all day to answer any questions that folk may have, thanks for having me, Jane, cheers, Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

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