My interview with The Authors Show is 13th August 12.01am EST – Drop-in and listen…I had a blast.

I’m so excited to be interviewed on the prestigious Author Show – the International Internet Radio show specifically for authors.

Jane with OOW June 2019

My interview will be broadcast on 13th August 2019 at 12.01am EST for 24 hours and can be accessed on the day after that time. Other timezones need to calculate the difference to access.

Please go to on 13th August 2019 and click on my underlined book title link to my interview. 

My interview will play on my scheduled day from Midnight to Midnight Eastern Time for a period of 24 hours initially and will be accessible for 6 months after that.

It was fun chatting about Only One Woman. I was prepared to chat about Undercover: Crime Shorts but when the presenter said she’d read Only One Woman (co-written with Christina Jones) and loved it, well, one thing led to another and we ended up chatting about the 1960s and – well, anyway – find out by tuning in and do let me know.


Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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