I’m back on theauthorsshow.com on 20th August when they will be repeating my interview from 13th.


If you missed my interview do please pop over again on 20th August when theauthorsshow.com will be repeating my interview for those who missed it on 13th August.

Jane with OOW June 2019

You need to go to the link on theauthorsshow.com and then look for my name and book title and click on them.

I spent a fun 15 minutes chatting about Only One Woman and writing with the talented Christina Jones, plus we nattered about being teens in the 1960s and what a fab experience that was for teens living through those heady times.


I read from Only One Woman – just under 2 minutes to tell you something about the iconic Carnaby Street back then. I think those who’ve heard it, enjoyed it a lot. I hope you will too.

You’ll encounter it all in

If you want to know about the fabulous Carnaby Street and its history click here to go from 1600 to the present day:


There is more here too:


ISBN: 9781783757312

You can buy ONLY ONE WOMAN from Waterstones Branches and also from most digital platforms in Paperback and for Kindle, Phone and Tablet.

Some of our readers say:


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    Drop in to theauthorshsow.com on 20th August and catch my interview first broadcast 13th August. Chatting about Only One Woman, writing with Christina Jones and the music and vibe of the 1960s – and I’m reading from Only One Woman too. Thanks. Jane.


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