Several enjoyable months out and about taking photos

The gardens at Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire, England

Those of you who pop in often will know I love to walk and take photos. Sometimes I go off for a ‘jolly,’ and write about what I have seen and experienced, such as the gorgeous country homes, villages, churches and cathedrals, we have in this green and pleasant land we call England. Other times I just like to show the photos.

Well, this time I am just showing photos for you to enjoy. Light relief from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Cliveden House: made notorious because of what became known as ‘The Profumo Affair.’
Cliveden House now a hotel once the home of the Astor family and where the (now) Duchess of Sussex spent the night before her wedding to Prince Harry.
Savill Gardens part of Windsor Great Park on The Queen’s estate in Berkshire.
Savill Gardens
Savill Gardens
This moth landed on a piece of paper I was holding and visited with me some time.
The flamingoes living on the roof gardens at Derry & Thoms a famous London store.
The roof gardens at Derry & Thom, London store.
Derry & Thoms roof garden – visited in the winter but still lovely.
A Bee busy gathering pollen from a flower.
The grounds of Greys Court, Henley, England
former home of actress Joyce Grenfell and once home to author Ian Fleming’s mother. Also, home to actor/manager Sir Henry Irving and others.
Greys Court – several movies and television series filmed there such as Poirot, Downton Abbey and Midsomer Murders.

All photos (c) Jane Risdon All Rights Reserved.


    • Jacquie, I loved them, they were so pretty even in the rain. I have always wanted to go because it is where my Nan spent an afternoon (having tea of course) on the day she died. She was on a trip with a friend and on the way home on a coach, said she had a headache, closed her eyes and never woke up. This was in 1968 and she was 81. I am so glad she saw something of beauty and had a lovely last day out.

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    • I thank you. I usually do a whole blog on one place I visit – you can find them in archives – but not had the time of late. If you like grand historical houses and gardens churches, cathedrals and villages and countryside to take a wander around my blog posts. Some lovely places. 🙂


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