Podcast of my theauthorsshow.com interview is being repeated 20th August.

Podcast of my interview on theauthorsshow.com repeated 20th August 24 hours

Listen to my interview on theauthorsshow.com which will be available for 24 hours and have a giggle with me…

Interview on theauthorsshow.com

I’m chatting to theauthorsshow.com about writing Only One Woman with Christina Jones, and how the 1960s shaped the story of Renza, Stella and Scott – an epic love triangle set in the UK music scene of the late 1960s.

The story takes place over two years in many locations including two rural villages in England, throughout Scotland, Germany, France, and various cruise-ship destinations in the Med as well as on the sun-kissed Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Follow the girls and Narnia’s Children as the band record and tour and how the girls fit their lives around Scott.

Meet the famous bands and singers they encounter along the way, visit the various music venues – some are still active today – and delve into the world of songwriting, ‘Tin Pan Alley’ – the music publishers they visit in Denmark Street in the heart of Soho and more…

Jane with OOW

Follow Renza as she visits Carnaby Street for the first time where she goes into Pop, Lady Jane and Lord John boutiques and experiences the vibe that was the ‘swingin’ sixties.’

Spend Stella’s last night on earth – so she thinks – with her and Narnia’s Children as she and Scott throw caution to the wind and live for the moment: for tomorrow she may die.

Christina Jones co-author of
Only One Woman

Our readers say:
Madalyn Morgan – Treaddell

A great read with real characters that took me back to the fabulous 1960s, They say if you remember the 60s you weren’t there. Well, the writers of Only One Woman were certainly there and so was I. This lovely novel with it’s well-drawn and very real characters, references to the bands and records of the time, which I bought and played, transported me back to a wonderful time in my life; my teens. The story kept me turning the pages. Although my feelings changed towards certain characters as I neared the end of the story, it made it even more interesting and exciting, I loved the ending. I loved the book.

All Things Sixties

A Real Sixties Fest This story was right up my street. It had everything I love to read about. The sixties can do no wrong for me. The music, obviously, the clothes and the way they were described, the band, like so many young bands I grew up knowing, some that made it, some that didn’t. Even the food, AND a mention of The Alan Bown Set, all balanced out in a lovely romantic tale of a three-way love, leaving me pulled first one way and then the other. I felt sorry for both Renza and Stella in equal parts as they fall in love with Scott.I’m still not too sure he made the right choice, maybe, maybe not. He was quite young to make big decisions. Hopefully, there will be a sequel as I’m sure the story could be taken further and I’d love to know what the future holds for them all. Fingers crossed. Thanks for a lovely read.

Podcast of my interview on theauthorsshow.com repeated 20th August 24 hours

Guys love it, gals love it and it is available in paperback/eBook including in Waterstones (on order)
56 5* reviews from guys and gals.
Paperback and eBook on most digital platforms Internationally
Paperback from Waterstones and good indie stores.
ISBN: 9781783757312

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