Undercover: Crime Shorts featuring Sweet Sable: The Red Siren

Undercover: Crime Shorts.
Find out about Sweet Sable one of my characters in this collection of crime stories.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is a collection of 7 short stories under one cover for the first time. Stories with more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction, edge of your seat tension and drama builds with each story.

I decided to publish some of the 100 short stories I have written because they were sitting in my computer making me feel guilty that I hadn’t done more with them.

Undercover: Crime Shorts

Many of my stories – including Flash Fiction pieces – have been published in various anthologies, online in newsletters and magazines, but I have never taken the step to collate some of them and present them to the world in one publication; quite a nerve-wracking step for me.

The first story in the collection is called Sweet Sable – the Red Siren.

Sweet Sable was inspired by another story I wrote for an anthology some time ago – Cons, Dames and G-Men – which was published by Stab in the Dark, Writers’ Group.

The story I wrote for the anthology was called ‘Cue Murder,’ and was set in 1939 Hollywood and a lot of my research for this story was also useful for Sweet Sable.

I discovered during family history research – a hobby I really enjoy – that my husband’s great aunt was a Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Risdon, and that she often appeared with the Mexican Spitfire – Lupe Velez – as well as many other leading actors in over 100 movies, including silent films as well as stage shows.


Elizabeth Risdon star of over 100 movies

I based my story very loosely on Lupe’s story. And when thinking about Sweet Sable’s story I went back to the era and my research for Cue Murder.


The Mexican Spitfire Lupe Velez

Sweet Sable is a nightclub jazz singer who has another string to her bow, a secret life which helps increase her considerable fortune.

I’ve made a trailer to show some of her story and I hope it will intrigue you enough to buy Undercover: Crime Shorts to read it and the other stories I have included.

You can purchase my book from Waterstones and WH Smith’s branches in paperback:

ISBN: 9780359397839

And from most digital platforms in paperback and also for Kindle, Phone and Tablet:


Reviews for Undercover: Crime Shorts

Spell binding crime shorts by a phenominal author I love the stories in this book. Each one is a maze-like roadmap of intrigues, laden with twists, turns, and a surprise or two, that grabbed my attention right off the bat and didn’t let go. More than one had me glued to my seat in suspense. I could not divert my focus from the book until I finished reading it. The last piece, “Undercover,” is an extract from the author’s next novel which I cannot wait to read. As an author, Jane Risdon is a natural. She pens her stories in such a manner that you can see her characters up close in their surroundings, and you can follow the action as it takes place. Her writing style is most unusual in that she can write from the standpoint of an American, from that of one who is British, or from that of anyone of any nationality she chooses. I strongly recommend the book, “Undercover: Crime Shorts,” and I have the highest praise for its author, Jane Risdon. 5* R.K. Wigal

I Couldn’t Stop Reading I received “Undercover Crime Shorts” by Jane Risdon yesterday in my mailbox.
As I waited for some potatoes to boil, while I was cooking dinner, I took a peek into the book to see the first sentence. I kept thinking, “I’ll just finish this page,” but I kept reading at every spare moment. After only putting the book down to do chores or to sleep, I can say it took less than a day to read from beginning to end. It was like I was lassoed in and I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what happened next!
I highly recommend “Undercover Crime Shorts”, by Jane Risdon. You won’t be able to put it down. 5* J. Deering

If you are interested in reading Cue Murder, please go to Amazon and the anthology Cons, Dames and G-Men published by Stab in the Dark Writers’ Group where it is FREE.

Award-nominated Anthology

Reviews for Cue Murder:

Although not my favourite genre, I purchased this book as it was recommended by a friend.
There are one or two of the stories which I didn’t like, but I very much enjoyed 100 Miles to Murder which was well written and very cleverly thought out, and Cue Murder by Jane Risden was brilliant – I really felt I was involved in the story, and she brought back the time period absolutely perfectly. I loved the twist at the end, which I had absolutely not seen coming. More from her please. 5* from Tina J

I particularity like Jane Risdon’s ‘Cue Murder’ which gives a delightful snapshot …This anthology is an eclectic mix of the golden age of crime fiction. I particularity like Jane Risdon’s ‘Cue Murder’ which gives a delightful snapshot of yesteryear’s Hollywood with all it’s foibles and excesses. The narrative and dialogue is period-accurate which enhances the realism. I loved also the way Risdon manages to create well-drawn characters; which in a short story is never easy. Thoroughly recommended. 5* Roger A Price


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