Magazine Features 2019

Magazine features 2019

It is always fun to find oneself featured in a magazine or newsletter

I’ve been contributing to many online newsletters and magazines for years and it is always exciting to write a feature or share a short story with them.

Here are some of my most recent contributions to magazines and newsletters:

Magazine Features 2019

Early 2019 Christina Jones and I were invited by author Margaret James to contribute towards an article she was writing for the prestigious

Writing Magazine

included in the August 2019 edition entitled:

Real People, made-up lives.

Margaret asked us to contribute because we have co-authored

Only One Woman (Headline Accent)

and the novel features real places and events and real people in a fictional story and she wanted to know how we had gone about writing it without getting sued.

Writing Magazine
August 2019
Real People, Made-up Lives

It’s always nice to know that one’s reach as a writer expands beyond one’s home shores.

Author Suzie Tullett writes a regular book review spot for a French publication which reaches nearly every supermarket bookshelf in Brittany where ex-pat Brits shop, and this year she reviewed

Only One Woman (Christina Jones Jane Risdon) published by Headline Accent.

This is her fab review in The Brittany Journal May 2019

The Brittany Journal May 2019
Paperback Only One Woman
For Kindle, Tablet and Phone

Some years ago I began a series, In The Mix,’ writing about my experiences in the international music business – with a huge dose of fiction added – for Creative Frontiers Online, but sadly this magazine disappeared from online.

Luckily I was soon writing the same series for The Writers’ Newsletter and managed 13 episodes with them before the newsletter became an Online and Print Magazine with a name change too. It became The Writers’ Magazine.

In August 2019 The Writers’ Magazine edition #1 was published in print and online and my series, ‘In the Mix,‘ continues there with episode #14.

The Writers’ Magazine
1st edition
August 2019

September 2019 and the second edition was published with episode #15 of ‘In The Mix.’

The 3rd edition was published in October 2019 with episode #16 of ‘In The Mix.’

The Writers’ Magazine
Edition 3
October 2019
Writers’ Magazine
November 2019
Edition 4

The Writers’ Magazine Print edition is now on the shelves and stocked by

Magazine Heaven

and is available by subscription on their website:

Online issues of The Writers’ Magazine are available for £1.99 per issue and can be read over and over. 100 pages of articles, short stories and poems plus much more.

You may still read archived editions of The Writers’ Newsletter – contact

There are a few of the earlier episodes of the series ‘In The Mix’, available to read on my website. Go to

The Writers’ Magazine available from
Magazine Heaven

I do hope you will support these fab online and print magazines. they are always looking for articles, poems, short stories and more. The Writers’ magazine also has a Children’s section for youngsters to contribute towards and enjoy.

Meanwhile, I am busy writing the next instalment of ‘In The Mix,‘ and various short stories for The Writers’ Magazine as well as another article for Writing Magazine due out in 2020.

I shall be nattering about Undercover: Crime Shorts in the near future. I’m looking forward to it.

Undercover: Crime Shorts
Kindle, Tablet and Phone
Undercover: Crime Shorts
Electric Press and my feature about research and writing

It’s November 2019 and I have another article in Electric Press: Research can be fun.

It is a fun place to read various short stories and articles and of course, to contribute. I do hope you pop over and take a look, browse and read what is on offer from a number of authors. It is a fab read.

I’m on page 52-53 – a large spread.


    • Becky, it is hard work whilst trying to write, I am sure you know. I need a clone. I try and that is what counts. No-one else is going to seek0 and find these things for me so I go for it. Thanks so much xx

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