Such excitement: I’m on the Authors Show again on 31st Oct.

If you missed my interview when it was podcast last time, have no fear, you can listen on 31st Oct from 12.00pm until 11.59pm ET

I’m nattering about my writing, co-writing with Christina Jones and how we managed that without setting foot in the same room to do it. And I’m reading a short extract from Only One Woman as well.

The extract is from Renza’s diary in 1968 when she is taken to Carnaby Street (London) for the very first time. Enjoy the sights and sounds with her as she describes what she sees. It is fab.

Go to the link and then look on the left at the grey box and scroll to my name and click on it and then play. Do let me know what you think. I love feedback.

It is on a 24/7 loop and you can access the interview any time after the show. Just go to the link and do as above.
Iconic Rocker Graham Bonnet wrote our foreword
Jane with OOW

Thanks so much for being here. Much appreciated.


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