Little & Often: a tip for writing (& life?) by Colette McCormick

Fellow Headline Accent author Colette McCormick has a new book out 5th December and it would be fab if you took a look. The blurb is terrific and I know you’ll love her writing. congrats and good luck Colette.

Laura Wilkinson

Today’s guest is fellow Headline Accent author Colette McCormick who’s here to talk about her writing regime. Colette’s latest novel An Uncomplicated Man is released on 5th December in paperback and e-book format – go on, treat yourself to a Christmas gift! Welcome, Colette! Smashing to have you.

One of the first things that I was asked after I told people about the book deal that I’d managed to secure was ‘So, are you writing full time now?’ Mmm…no!! I work full time and have to fit the writing in and around that.

Five days a week I leave the house about 7.30am and I get home just after 6pm. Tea is usually around 7pm, the dishes done by 8pm and I usually go to bed about 11.30pm. That leaves a window of approximately three and a half hours for everything else.

I enjoy watching TV as much as the…

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