The Brian Hammer Jackson Show: live chat with Jane Risdon on his global radio show

Howard Stern meets Mary Poppins – well, that is what I thought it was going to be, but hey, I had the loveliest surprise.

On December 20th 2019, I was interviewed live on air for ONE hour and 20 mins by the lovely and outrageous Brian Hammer Jackson – he has an internet radio show in the USA which has a global reach of 15-20 million per broadcast so it was quite daunting, to say the least.

The show began at 7am in the morning PST – luckily for me it was 3am in the afternoon where I live. But don’t be fooled, Brian was on fire!

We chatted about my writing, books, a career in music, and so much more. You will need to settle down to listen or take it in stages.

It is funny, fun and ‘out there’ at times, but I really enjoyed it. Brian was a lovely host. We had lots of laughs as you will hear.

Chatting with him was like talking to a friend of many years and if you ever get the opportunity, do get on his show and have a blast.

He was the perfect interviewer: he asked questions and let me answer before diving in to expand on what I said. We covered so many topics in addition to my writing, it was really great being interviewed by someone truly interested in what their guest had to say.

Thanks so much, Brian, for having me on your show. You Rock!!

Listen in to his show (and my interview) because it is an ‘experience,’ not to be missed. Highly recommended listening.

Brian’s blurb for me on his website:

Jane Risdon, This is her story.

Her first collection of short crime stories published 2019 by Plaisted Publishing with stories in sub-genres of crime which cover the lengths people go to in order to inherit from a Will to a serial killer working for HM UK Government, and a Facebook stalker and rapist. She covers it all. She brings it. This interview will be chilling. Jane brings Beauty…..Now its time for her to face the Beast (Me). Let’s sell some books and have a great time…

Catch my interview here:

Brian is on Facebook:


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