Undercover: Crime Shorts is live on theauthorsshow.com

I’m so happy to be back as a guest author on The Authors Show.com chatting about my writing and about Undercover: Crime Shorts in particular.

Click on the link and go to Channel 5 and scroll to my name/title and you will find me there.

After 10th March 2020 you will find the archived podcast on Channel 4. Go to: https://wnbnetworkwest.com/channel/4/?play=Undercover:%20Crime%20Shorts

Scroll down to my name/book title.



I’m chatting to Linda Thompson and we discuss my background, writing, and life experiences which I use in my stories. I also read a chapter from one of my stories, Apartment 206C, and we pick the story up where Agent Serra is trying to escape the Russian Mafia thug, Jan, with China who has witnessed a double murder…


I hope you will drop in today or any other day – the interview is on a 24-hour loop and will be archived for easy access – and if you do, let me know what you think. Thanks for being here. Jane xx

Paperback and eBook from Waterstones branches and on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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