Back on The Authors Show today chatting about Only One Woman, Carnaby Street in 1968 and more…

My interview about Only One Woman is being podcast again today on a 24-hour loop.

Go to the link and click and then find Only One Woman (channel 6) to listen to my interview. I’m chatting to Linda Thompson about writing with Christina Jones, how the late 1960s UK music scene – and our experiences – inspired us, and I’m chatting about how Graham Bonnet came to write our foreword – Only One Woman was performed by him as part of the hit duo The Marbles with a song written for them by The Bee Gees.

I’m reading an extract from Renza’s diary from June 1968 when she visits Carnaby Street for the first time and so much more…

Jane with OOW

Only One Woman is available in Paperback from Waterstones branches and other good stores and also in paperback and eBook from Amazon and other digital platforms across the globe.

Remember you can go to this link any time to access the podcast on channel 6 – it will be in archive after today and you will need to scroll to my name and Only One Woman.
Graham Bonnet, The Marbles, Rainbow, Alcatraz, MSB and Blackmore etc


        • I am so happy you listened in. I have done one for Only One Woman and also for Undercover: Crime Shorts and I really enjoyed doing them both. I also enjoyed doing the video interview, which was really fun. such fab opportunities for all authors and I recommend them all. Never know in advance what you are going to be asked which is a bit hairy!! xx


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