A 90th Birthday, Chat and Spin Radio, and The Authors show…

I am still in lock-down, and I have only been out to offer 90th birthday greetings to my mother last week from her front doorstep.

Her house was festooned with bouquets of flowers, birthday cards, and gifts. Apparently, she’d had so many phone calls she had not had a chance to sit down to eat or have a coffee since 7am when the first overseas greetings were telephoned. Sadly, I was unable to get a photo of her with it all as I could not see into the sitting room through the windows to get a decent shot.

Unless you count a couple of long walks locally I have not been outside since all this business with C-19 started. So thank goodness for technology. Imagine trying to keep a hold on any business or service without it – I dread to think.

Speaking of technology, I am really happy to have had another live interview once again on Chat and Spin Radio (26h May 7.15pm UK) which was fun as always. This time they interviewed me on Skype and not via telephone so there are a few delays. I’ve just realised that I have been a regular weekly guest on the show since July 2019.

I chatted about Only One Woman and how Christina Jones and I got to write together, and what it was like for young musicians in the 1960s, traveling up and down Britain and Europe in an old transit van, long before the days of motor-ways and service stations. When bands spent the night in their vans with their gear or stayed at cheap B&Bs (bed and breakfast accommodation) with land-ladies who would have done well as regimental sergeant majors. No huge convoys of trucks and tour planning like I experienced when working in the international music business year later.

Pop over to http://www.ChatandSpinRadio.com for the full 26th may 2020 interview which starts at 7.15pm.

June 2nd I am back on theauthorsshow.com chatting about Undercover: Crime Shorts and the inspiration for the short stories in the collection.

You can hear my Undercover: Crime Shorts interview on Channel 4 here:

I also read a chapter from one of my stores, ‘Apartment 206C,’ about a young author who overhears a murder and is kidnapped by her neighbour’s boyfriend…

You can hear my interview during a 24-hour period on the day and at any time afterward when you visit their archives.

June 3rd I am back on theauthorsshow with Only One Woman. I shall be chatting about writing with Christina Jones, how we met in the late 1960s, and how she became fan-club secretary for my then boyfriend’s (now husband) band.

If you love the music and fashions of the late 1960s then listen in and do read Only One Woman.

I am also reading a chapter from Renza’s diary of June 1968 when she visits Carnaby Street for the very first time. You’ll hear about the fab boutiques, the music, and the cool Hippies and Mods frequenting the grooviest street in the world.

You can hear my interview here on channel 6:

Don’t forget both interviews can be heard at any time by going to theauthorsshow.com and going to their archive for Undercover: Crime Shorts on channel 4 and Only One Woman on channel 6 and scrolling down for my name and the book titles.

I hope you enjoy my podcasts and will let me know. Meantime, stay safe and tune in on 2nd channel 4 and 3rd June on channel 6 for theauthorsshow.com

All photos (c) Jane Risdon 2020 except Chat and Spin Radio and theauthorsshow photos. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It is fantastic that you are getting so much radio exposure, Jane. I am sorry you barely got to see your mother on her birthday. We have also had Easter, Mothers Day and my hubby’s birthday on our own this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Robbie, it was fleeting but she was spoiled rotten. I am working my backside off doing PR as no-one else does it. It can get hard going but it has to be done. Yes, on your own no fun. I always spend my time alone, our family is 6,000 miles away and have not seen them since 2015 and hardly ever before that. No fun, but you get used to it. I hope you see yours soon. ❤ xx


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