Aspects of authors – Jane Risdon

Wow, this was fun to do and I hope your readers will find it of value and interest. I hope that a few bells ring somewhere and it leads to someone taking me up on my advice – and it is only from experience I can speak and for myself of course. We all have our ways of doing things and we all find what works for us. but, if what I have said can help someone who is wondering where to begin, to move forward and take the mic by the lead, then I am happy. Good luck.


When I started this series I didn’t expect it to be quite so wide-ranging, but it’s made me realise how many facets there are to just ‘writing a book.’ What has touring with a rock musician husband got to do with being an author?
Over to today’s guest, Jane Risdon to find out.

Smile, breath, and sell yourself – Radio interviews make you fans

Jane R photo 8.6.20
I grew up listening to radio: Radio Luxembourg, and the Pirate radio stations, Radios Caroline and London, and later BBC Radio One when it came on air in 1967. There were only two television stations and no internet. Listening to the radio was where I heard the Beatles speak for the first time as well as countless other musicians, movie stars, politicians, and others who were deemed important enough to be interviewed.

My husband’s first interviews were on Radio One and on Radio Jersey, and I…

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