Undercover: Crime Shorts on The Authors Show. Take nothing for granted.

Every month my podcast with TheAuthorsShow.com is featured on this fabulous show which showcases authors and their work from around the world. I am back on today. Do join me.


My Podcast is on a 24-hour loop so you can catch it at any time during the 24 hours it is playing, and later you can find it in their archives and access it there at any time.


I was interviewed by the lovely Linda, who is such a professional and so easy to talk with. She asks the right questions and makes it all so painless and fun.

As well as chatting about writing Undercover, my inspiration for each story and plot, I read a chapter from Apartment 206c as well.

Lots to listen to and enjoy.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is a collection of some of my dozens of short stories that I wanted to give a home. Storing them on my computer is all very well, but no-one gets to read them if I do that.


The stories I chose to include in the collection cover a wide cross-section of the crime genre and I hope my readers find them entertaining and that their imagination is fired-up whilst reading them.

I like to lay red herrings, create twists and turns, and edge-of-the-cliff tension in my stories, so be prepared to have to think about the plots and the characters. Will you be able to work it all out? I love surprises so take nothing for granted.

My readers tell me:

Fast-paced, well written, page-turner that had me so engrossed my train journey flew by. The author clearly has done a lot of research, these short stories all felt very authentic and each had me gripped and on the edge of my seat wondering how they would play out. It’s been a long time since I read anything quite so intriguing and twisty. It certainly got my heart beating faster and I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great murder, mystery. C. Plunkett.

There is a great mix of short stories in this collection – all unique with some nice unexpected twists. Perfect short reads if you like to be kept on your toes. Whitelight.

Spellbinding crime shorts by a phenomenal author. I love the stories in this book. Each one is a maze-like roadmap of intrigues, laden with twists, turns, and a surprise or two, that grabbed my attention right off the bat and didn’t let go. More than one had me glued to my seat in suspense. I could not divert my focus from the book until I finished reading it. The last piece, “Undercover,” is an extract from the author’s next novel which I cannot wait to read. As an author, Jane Risdon is a natural. She pens her stories in such a manner that you can see her characters up close in their surroundings, and you can follow the action as it takes place. Her writing style is most unusual in that she can write from the standpoint of an American, from that of one who is British, or from that of anyone of any nationality she chooses. I strongly recommend the book, “Undercover: Crime Shorts,” and I have the highest praise for its author, Jane Risdon. R. K. Wigal.

You can find my collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts and my other books on Amazon, and on other digital platforms as well as in Waterstones Book Stores and other good indie stores.


If you read my work do let me know what you think. I love hearing back from readers and often we strike up lovely friendships as a result. Of course, a review posted on the above sites, or anywhere, would be lovely to have as well.

Photo (c) Jane Risdon 2020

Keep safe and well in these difficult times.

Thanks for being here. Jane xx


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