Carnaby Street, Top of the Pops, Twiggy, The Moon Landings, and a Whole Lotta Love

Grabbed your attention I hope? Cool, groovy, and far-out. I wanted to give you a little zap of nostalgia because Only One Woman is back on and the podcast of my interview is back up all day today. Although, you can always access it in the archives of the show.

Only One Woman – well, no dead bodies fill these pages which is a change for me. Rest assured no people were injured or harmed in the writing of this epic love-triangle set in the late 1960s and filled with references to the music, fashions, and even food of the era, not forgetting world events.

Revel in the sounds of the Sixties, and get ear-worms as you recall the bands, singers, and the amazing songs of that special time – or not – if you are too young. Perhaps we can turn you on to the 1960s in that case. Otherwise, pull out your old hot pants, mini and maxi skirts, and those long white lace-up boots and your huge bell-bottoms and hipsters girls and trip back to a golden age.

Remember Twiggy, The Shrimp, and Dusty with her black mascara and amazing voice? Who watched Top of the Pops and Ready Steady Go! growing up, just for the fashions and the make-up? And the gorgeous bands and their music, of course…

Cathy McGowan and Samantha Juste were the envy of the female teen population meeting all the rock and pop stars on their shows.

Guys, remember the cravats, the bell-bottoms and Watney’s Party Seven, Old Spice, and Uni-Sex hairdressing…?

Bands of the era will recall driving up and down the country in their Bedford and Ford Transit vans, or sailing on the ferries across the Channel, gigging whenever and wherever they were booked: Cornwall one day, Elgin the next with a quick flit over the Channel to Paris or Toulouse the next day and then back again to Dunstable and the California Ballroom or the Watford New Penny. A groovy trip to The Smoke and a gig at Samantha’s or the Cafe Des Artistes…

How about the B&B’s and the landladies from hell? Although some were lovely and motherly, but most ruled their domain with an iron fist and visiting bands have so many tales they could tell…remember them lads? Who lived on Fray Bentos pies and Vesta Curries because, like most bands, you were starving?

Only One Woman is written from experience and memory – great memories and some not so great – of the last years of the 1960s. Christina Jones and I have been friends since she was fan-club secretary to my then boyfriend’s band back when, and we always said we’d write a book together – so we did!

Hear all about Only One Woman: our inspiration for our story, and so much more by tuning into and listen to the pod-cast interview I gave for them and you get to listen to a chapter from Renza’s Diary when she visits Carnaby Street for the first time – read by me.

Musicians love Only One Woman and can relate to the venues, events, and what it was like to be on the road in the 1960s. they’ll recognise so many venues and people.

Guys and gals love the story not just for the music and the epic love triangle at its heart, but for the nostalgia it evokes of bye-gone happier times when life seemed to be so simple. Our readers, male and female, tell us they read the book again and again…listen in to find out why.

Join me today on, and if you do let me know your thoughts.

Be there or be square.
Waterstones’ Branches and good book stores. ISBN: 9781783757312 – a happy cousin gets her copy.

Published by Headline Accent.

Sending off signed copies for readers around the globe.

Oh! and you can always catch up as the podcast is on a loop 24/7 in their archive section on channel 6. Go to the site and archives and scroll down to Only One Woman and you can listen in when you want.


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