Going Undercover again

Undercover: Crime Shorts is airing on theauthorsshow.com again. All-day today it is on a loop and you can pop in and listen to me nattering about writing the short stories which are included in my first collection of short stories.


I chat about the inspiration for each story and how my life experience has given me plenty of material for my writing, especially working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the height of the Cold War, and how world events during the late 1960s fed my love of espionage, intrigue, and crime.

My experiences in the international music business gave me ample opportunity to see how greed and great power can be used to manipulate and influence people – my observations of which has provided numerous ten-plates for my characters, their personalities, and foibles.

You can get a flavour of all this as I read from Apartment 206c where a young novelist, China, overhears terrible rows and screaming coming from the apartment next door. One day it all gets too much and she ventures into the corridor and listens at her neighbour’s door. Big mistake. Soon her life is in danger and she has to put all her trust in an FBI agent who tries to get her to safety…

If you have ever joined a Facebook Group my story, The Look, might make you think hard about doing so without a lot of thought about your fellow members…

Inheriting a fortune out of the blue is a dream many harbour and for six people a letter from a multi-millionaire’s solicitor turns out not to be what it first seems. The would-be beneficiaries meet in the solicitor’s office but only three can inherit in return for certain tasks that they must perform. How far would you go to inherit? The three soon find out in Murder by Christmas.

A 1930s Hollywood Jazz singer has a secret life and she is getting tired of it. The stress and constant hunt for a patsy to sting is becoming dangerous. Her latest mark decides to trade her in for a new model, messing up all her plans for a speedy retirement. Sweet Sable, The Red Siren, has to go into action once more and this sting has to give her the means to disappear forever but first, she has to deal with a hitman on her tail.

If your appetite has been whetted please listen in to the podcast and pick up a copy of Undercover: Crime Shorts from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Nobel, plus many other digital platforms in Paperback and eBook.

You can also get your copy in Paperback from Waterstones, Blackwells, and WH Smith…

Waterstones ISBN: 978 0 359 39783 9

Undercover: Crime Shorts is podcast montly but you can also access it in their archives at any time by visiting their website and clicking on archives and channel 4.

Meantime, join me today and get a flavour of what Undercover: Crime Shorts has to offer. It would be such a thrill if you do and of course, let me know your thoughts.


All photos (c) Jane Risdon All Rights Reserved


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