Trip back to the Grooviest Decade of the 20th Century to an epic Love Triangle…

Scott falls for Renza the summer he arrives in England with his band, Narnia’s Children. But, Renza must leave for a new life overseas within weeks. Their world falls apart as she leaves and they part, both declaring undying love and concealing a secret engagement and a plan to be married as soon as they can.

Throwing himself into his songwriting, Scott writes two emotional songs for her and the band record them. Narnia’s Children tour the UK, Europe and play to the rich and famous on board a few Mediterranean cruises, recording new material and before long it is Christmas. Renza promised she’d come back to visit, Scott is missing her so much, he counts the hours.

Stella is terrified she is going to die. She faces a major operation and is convinced she will not survive the knife. Her best pal, Vix, tries to give her one more fun night before her friend’s date with the surgeon and she drags a reluctant Stella to see a new band playing locally. Narnia’s Children.

Too miserable to enjoy herself Stella stands waiting for the band to come on stage, worrying about her operation and wanting to go home to panic on her own. She perks up when she hears the music begin. She spies the sexy lead guitarist with the aquamarine eyes watching her from the stage as he plays. The chemistry is instant and Vix arranges for the pair to meet during the interval…

If you love the 1960s music, fashions, food, and beverages, and enjoy social history and reliving the Sounds of the Sixties, the vibe of a generation which changed the world, you will love ONLY ONE WOMAN – more than an epic love story, it is a trip down memory lane for many who lived through those heady days, and a journey of adventure for those who wished they had.

Guys love it, gals love it, and musicians do too.

Listen in today to my podcast on when I chat about writing with Christina Jones, how the 1960s inspired our novel and why we wrote it together. Listen to me reading a chapter from Renza’s diary of June 1968 when she visits Carnaby Street for the first time. I had so much fun doing this interview and I hope you enjoy it and find it fun too.

In the end there can be ONLY ONE WOMAN – or can there?

Join me today and trip back to the grooviest decade of the 20th century


  1. Hi Jane. I enjoyed listening to you in interview, and the story about how you and Christina wound up writing the book together ❤ And I will say, that I too was astounded when men had read my books and left wonderful reviews Hugs xx

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  2. Having come of age in San Francisco during the late sixties, I know the times well. OOW does a marvelous job of accurately capturing them. I read the book when it first came out and enjoyed it immensely. Same thing for the second time I read it. Great job, Jane and Christina!

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    • ah Jeff, you are indeed a true friend. So glad to see you. sorry I am not around much, life is full of lemons and sour ones at the moment. But thanks for reading OOW twice and for your fab review on Amazon when you first did. Stay safe a#nd well, and hurry up with your screenplay.x


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