The Author, The Neighbour, and the FBI Agent…

Author China cannot stand the yelling and the crashing noises coming from the apartment next door. Each row seems to become more violent, more disturbing, until finally, worried for the safety of her neighbours, she ventures into the hall and creeps gingerly up to their front door. She presses her ear against the door straining to hear what is going on inside.

Unknown to her she has been heard. Her foot scrapes the bottom of the door and, as she leans against it, the door is suddenly yanked open and a tattooed arm grabs for her…

China’s life hangs in the balance when she stumbles across something so terrible she wonders if she is living inside one of her own novels.

Agent Serra struggles to keep her emotions and pain in check as her Russian boyfriend issues an ultimatum: can she do as he asks?

Apartment 206c is one of my short stories in Undercover: Crime Shorts, and I read from a chapter during my interview on the global, The Authors Show, so tune in and settle down with your favourite beverage and listen-up.

I’m also nattering with Linda, my host, about writing my crime collection – and other books – where I get my inspiration and characters from, and so much more.

It would be fab if you could listen to my podcast and let me know what you think. I hope you can be tempted to get your own copy (paperback and eBook is available from stores and digital platforms) and enjoy my stories as you travel to work, find five minutes in a busy day to grab a chapter or two, or read before you drop off into the land of nod. You choose. I know you won’t be disappointed.

(c) Yin Johnson 2020



    • Thanks Roberta, I try! it was fun to do and I was also interviewed for Only One Woman and that is a fun interview too, and I read from Renza’s diary which people say they enjoyed. This shoould be podcast again soon I imagine. Thanks so much, appreciated xx

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