Gone with the Wind, Anti-Freeze, Sleazy Jazz Clubs, A Fence, A Facebook Group, Trains, Yachts, Mill Paddles, Watching the Watchers. Sand and Pool Club Beverley Hills Hotel…

Undercover: Crime Shorts is back on The Authors Show.


Here are some photos to celebrate – just for fun.

Wokingham Waterstones (c) Jane Risdon 2020
Photo: (c) Philip Johnson 2019
Photo (c) Jane Risdon 2020
Photo (c) Jane Risdon 2020
Former Detective Roger A Price (c) Roger A Price 2019
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Photo Jane Risdon 2020
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
Photo (c) Gloria Clulow 2019
My oldest and recently late reader, Jean Stickland, with the last book she ever read shortly before she passed away. (c) Rob Stickland 2020 RIP Jean xxxx
Waterstones Bracknell Photo Jane Risdon 2020
Undercover: Crime Shorts and me
(c) Yin Johnson 2020
My Video Interview with MYVLF.com goes live
FREE Book of the Month Feb 2020FREE Book of the Month for February on MYVLF.com – Undercover: Crime Shorts
Photo Jane Risdon 2019
(c) Jane Risdon 2019
(c) Jane Risdon 2020
(c) Jane Risdon 2019
Roger A Price (c) June 2019 with his Undercover: Crime Shorts Mug
(c) Jane Risdon 2019
(c) Yin Johnson 2019
(c) Phillip Johnson 2019
Chef Yin Johnson (c) 2019
(c) Debbie Takaka 2019

If you miss this, do not fret. You can catch up any time by going to the website, channel 4, and looking for archives and then scrolling down to fine Jane Risdon and Undercover: Crime Shorts. It is on a 24/7 loop for one year.

All Photos (c) Jane Risdon unless otherwise stated.


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