Undercover: Crime Shorts and it’s The Author Show again

Undercover: Crime Shorts features seven crime stories designed for those who enjoy a quick read when they’ve little time during their busy lives to get stuck into a novel.

Undercover: Crime Shorts
Here I am in my office having just received my author copies.

The stories were fun to write and I enjoyed researching different methods by which I could murder my victims and make their deaths look like unfortunate accidents. I dread to think what anyone makes of my online searches. I am not a homicidal maniac.


Oddly enough, I never resorted to seeing my characters off with knives or guns. Their methods of despatch was much more subtle.

Wherever possible I used everyday items to see them off, and I devised a couple of accidents outside the home which could easily be explained.

Researching how to hide evidence
Unusual crimes set in very normal locations
Taken by me at Savill Gardens on a ‘thinking and plotting,’ walk.
Walking and thinking – a perfect place to plot a new novel

Undercover: Crime Shorts is back on The Authors Show again…

If you’d like to learn more about UNDERCOVER: CRIME SHORTS pop over to theauthorsshow.com today and listen to my podcast interview. I shall be chatting about all things murder and reading from Apartment 206c – one of my short stories.

Follow the links to channel 4 where you will see my name and the book cover. Click to listen – it is not a long interview, never fear. The podcast is always available on the site 24/7 in archives if you miss today’s podcast.

Spend your lockdown reading and escape into another world, or to learn something new.

With more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction and with edge-of-the-cliff tension – it is a quick read for those short on time and who enjoy reading a short story with a beginning, middle, and satisfying end.






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