Christmas 1968 finds Stella recovering from a life-changing operation, Renza is seething at being forgotten and Scott is cold, tired, hungry, and bewildered…

Join our main characters as they try to celebrate Christmas 1968. Nothing is going their way.

Stella had one night to live before her operation, convinced she’d die under the surgeon’s knife; her uncle had succumbed on the operating table after all, and so she’d allowed herself to be dragged to the local village hall to watch Narnia’s Children perform. What had she to lose? She was sure she’d be dead by the following night.

Stella – a rebel, a dreamer, with only one night to live…

Renza waited and waited for the Post Sergeant to deliver her much-longed-for Christmas card but Christmas day came and went and still, there was nothing for her. Seething with anger she plans to get the first lift she can scrounge to the Channel Ferry, so she can make her way from Germany to London and Scott.

Only One Woman – discover the diaries of two Sixties chics

As soon as the music started Stella and her friend Vix moved closer to the stage. Two pairs of eyes found each other over the Marshall amps, and at that moment everything changed…

Scott and his band sit freezing cold, miserable, and hungry in their newly rented house where their manager has arranged for them to live whilst planning tours and recording sessions for them. He has provided the food and their roadie does his best to conjure up filling meals from anything he could find. Scott could not stand the thought of another Vesta Curry or Fray Bentos pie and makes plans to visit a new friend, Stella, in Oxford…

Cold, damp, miserable, rented house lived in by Narnia’s Children

Renza plans her trip back to England and rings the band to ask for a lift from Victoria Railway Station to their latest rented house. Now, all she has to do is inform her parents about what she is going to do. Will she be able to carry it off? Will they allow her to run to Scott?

Renza: a complete contrast to Stella

The UK music scene in 1968/69 is light-years away from the music scene of 2020. Transit vans and Bedford van rode up and down the country lanes and roads of the UK, groups slept in the back with the gear usually, and money was in short supply.

Join Renza, Stella, and Narnia’s Children during the summer of 1968 and the exciting year of 1969, as they begin their epic journey to stardom and romance. The Cold War is causing mayhem, men land on the Moon, an American President died at the hands of an assassin earlier in the decade and now his brother dies at hands of another assassin. Martin Luther King Junior’s dream ends and the War in Vietnam still rages on…

More than a love-triangle, this is an epic love story set against the backdrop of social upheaval and change. Enjoy the music, fashion, and other nostalgic references and trip back to the grooviest decade of the 20th century with ONLY ONE WOMAN.

Jane is chatting with her host Linda, on the global internet show for authors, The Authors Show, about writing Only One Woman with lifelong friend and author, Christina Jones, the inspiration for their collaboration, and more. She reads from Renza’s diary – June 1968 – when Renza visits Carnaby Street for the first time and sees the coolest people up close.

Interview Podcast on
Only One Woman

The late 1960s come alive with Only One Woman. If you lived the Swingin’ Sixties, or wished you had, this novel is for you.


    • Jeanice, thanks so much. I am so happy your loved the book. The video is as bit of fun and I am still experimenting, but nothing ventured as they say! Hope all is well with you. xx


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