Meet the Characters – Louise Fauriel, heroine of ‘The Rake and his Honour’ by Beth Elliot

I love history and have just read this fab piece. Ladies, it just fires the imagination. Good Luck Karen King and Beth Elliott with your individual future projects and books. I hope you both sell tins of books, you both deserve to. Good luck, stay well.

Karen King: Author

I’m delighted to welcome historical romance author Beth Elliot to my blog today. Beth is interviewing her heroine, Louise Fauriel, from her lastest novel, The Rake and his Honour.


In the summer of 1813 Napoleon’s power is crumbling. Brave Louise Fauriel, from a family of Huguenots in Soho, and charming rake Arnaut de Montailhac, son of a marquis loyal to the French king living in exile in England, are involved in smuggling letters that can change the course of France’s future. Travelling between the Pyrenees, London and Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire, the unlikely pair are followed at every step by Napoleon’s fearsome secret agents. Enduring narrow escapes and last-minute rescues, Arnaut and Louise grow close, but in the desperate race to succeed in their mission, how can a rake findtime for love? And Louise questions whether she will ever get what her heart truly desires.

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