CHAT AND SPIN Radio – I’m on the Morning Show with Lester Jones.

Another fab interview which I enjoyed no end.

I’ve been a regular on the evening Drive show, on Chat and Spin (internet) Radio show for over two years and enjoy my chats with the presenters, Ian and Ron. The station has grown enormously in that time and is now reaching global audiences and hosting authors from around the world.

The station asked me if I’d like to have a change of scenery – so to speak – and asked if I’d like to be a guest author on the morning show with Lester Jones at the helm. He is a great 1960s fan and we had a fab chat about the music, and our love of music.

Jane Risdon

We nattered about Only One Woman, which is the fab novel I co-wrote with award-winning, best-selling author Christina Jones (writer of Bucolic Frolics), and which is set in the late 1960s UK music scene. A love triangle between two girls, Renza and Stella, and guitarist Scott, of Narnia’s Children.

Christina Jones

Only One Woman is more than a complicated and intense love story, it is a social comment on the late 1960s and features many references to the music, fashions, food and beverages, and the Cold War, the Moon landings of the era.

Musicians love it for the authenticity of the times and the familiar venues as well as many of their peers who are mentioned.

Graham Bonnet, iconic rock vocalist with Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Richie Blackmore’s band and Alcatraz wrote the foreword for the novel which has the same name as his 1968 hit single with The Marbles, called Only One Woman.

Iconic Rocker Graham Bonnet wrote our foreword

Only One Woman was written for Graham and his (now late) cousin, Trevor Gordon, by the Bee Gees who went on to write several other songs for the duo. Graham writes about his experience with Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb in the foreword and it is fascinating to read.

My interview 23rd March 2021 at 10.15am starts at the 75 minute mark into the show.

Chat and Spin Radio

Our readers say this about Only One Woman:

Absolutely enchanting book which took me right back to the late 60s…‘ ***** Reader review

Loved the characters…loved the story…loved the book!!‘ ***** Reader review

WOW WOW WOW absolutely loved this book. So cleverly written…‘ ***** Reader review

I loved this book. I loved stepping back in time and the music played through my head as if it was real!‘ ***** Reader review

‘An excellent job, well done, and heartily recommended’ ***** Reader review

Christina and Jane


    • I have been on their evening show a lot over 2 years, so being on the morning show is new and next week I shall be on 30th at 10.30am reading from Only One Woman – should be fun. You should apply to go on the evening show. Always looking for authors.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Robbie, it has been well received. It is from the viewpoint of young teenagers and not grown women so you have to sink yourself into their lives and their perspectives. Musicians and guys love it because it is authentic. We’re happy people enjoy it enough to read it twice or more…cool! Thanks so much for being here. xx


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