Tin Pan Alley, Cilla Black, Little Chef, Mediterranean Cruises, 1968, and Only One Woman on Chat and Spin Radio – all in 8 minutes.

I had a blast reading from Only One Woman on Chat and Spin Radio.

I chose a chapter from Renza’s Diary of 20th July 1968 and I had 8 minutes in which to read it all and hopefully not sound like an express train chuntering along at speed.

Renza and Narnia’s Children set off in Bessie the Transit for Soho and Tin Pan Alley where their manager has arranged for them to look at some sheet music and listen to demonstration recordings of potential songs to record for their forth coming long playing record (LP).

Photo (c) Risdon 1968

Denmark Street in 1968 was a bustling exciting place with so many musicians and famous people wandering in and out of publishing companies seeking their next big hit.

Renza found it all a bit overwhelming because it was all so new to her but to Scott and the band it was just another day.

At the end of my reading I was invited to pick a song of my choice to play and of course I had to choose, Only One Woman, by The Marbles.

Only One Woman was written for The Marbles by The Bee Gees and was a huge hit for the duo of Graham Bonnet and is (now late) cousin, Trevor Gordon in 1968.

Graham Bonnet, The Marbles, Rainbow, Alcatraz, MSB and Blackmore etc.

Graham kindly agreed to write the foreword to Only One Woman, for Christina and I. It is well worth reading as he describes how they came to write and record with The Bee Gees.

Graham went on to become and iconic rock singer and was lead vocalist with Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Richie Blackmore, Alcatraz and many other legendary rock bands.

Join me as I read from Renza’s diary and discover what happened on her first visit to Tin Pan Alley.

My reading is at 10.30am and begins 90 minutes into the show on 30th March 2021.

Radio host, Lester Jones, is very hot on the 1960s and enjoyed Only One Woman so much he has asked me to come back every month to read to his audience. I am looking forward to it.

He also invited me to read from Undercover: Crime Shorts. I cannot wait.

I hope you will listen in and let me know. I got through it without losing my teeth too often. 8 minutes flew by.


Please leave a reply and comment - your input is really appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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