The Dorchester Hotel, Carnaby Street, Lady Jane, Lord John, Pop, John Steven. The Who, The Mojos, Hair with Oliver Tobias…

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Phew, that’s a lot to fit into one chapter of Only One Woman, but it is there for all to read. And it is there to listen to as well. Only One Woman is back on The Authors Show, Channel 6.

I’ll allow Renza and Stella to introduce Only One Woman and then you can discover what I’m doing on The authors Show…

Hello – we are Renza Rossi and Stella Deacon, and like most girls in the 1960s we kept diaries. Proper written diaries – with daily entries from 1968 through to the end of the decade, chronicling our life, the fashions, the music, the excitement – and our love affairs….Which, is just as well – because although we didn’t know it, and we certainly didn’t know each other, miles apart geographically and with totally different lifestyles, we were both in love with the same boy…How this came about, the ups and downs, the laughter, the tears, the heartbreak, and how it was resolved – all played out to a 1960s background of love and peace and rock’n’roll – is covered in the amalgamation of our diaries – which we’ve put together and called ONLY ONE WOMAN. We very much hope that they’ve whetted your appetite and you’re now longing to read the rest.

Renza (c) Jane Risdon 2018
Stella (c) Christina Jones 2018

Join me as I read from Renza’s diary; soak up the atmosphere, the vibe of London in 1968.

Only One Woman is not just about a love-triangle, it is a peep into the social upheaval that is the 1960s: The Cold War, student riots, the music and fashions which dominated the world, even the food and beverages consumed, and the perfumes we used – it is all there and more, giving the reader rich snap-shots of the lives of teenagers who are being shaped by the grooviest decade of the 20th century…

Trip down memory lane with Only One Woman and take a step into nostalgia – the musical references will have you singing before you know it.

Follow Narnia’s Children as they seek fame and fortune undertaking endless tours supporting their recordings.

Renza’s Diary 16th June 1968 – early evening – finds her enjoying oysters and pheasant at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, with her cousin Gideon.

Followed by a trip to Carnaby Street for the first time where the 16 year old’s eyes pop out on stalks at the trendy, groovy people with their amazing fashions and hair styles as they waft in and out of the ‘In’ boutiques such as Pop and Lady Jane and Lord John’s.

Endless famous faces surround the pair as they mingle with the shoppers and window-shoppers all drinking up the explosion of youth culture which is Carnaby Street.

Renza spotted The Mojos, she went into a record shop and watched in fascination as people listened to records on headphones in individual booths, enjoyed looking at the posters featuring The Who, and Oliver Tobias in his latest role in the hit musical Hair. It was all so very exciting.

There’s lots more too…

I’m chatting to my host, Linda Thompson on The Authors Show all day – go to channel 6 to listen in. I describe how Christina and I have known each other forever, and how we always wanted to write together, and how Only One Woman came to be written by us both.

Discover why rock icon Graham Bonnet wrote the foreword to Only One Woman which was written especially for him and his cousin, Trevor Gordon, when they were known as The Marbles – it was a massive hot in 1968.

Graham Bonnet, The Marbles, Rainbow, Alcatraz, MSB, and Blackmore etc

Graham went on to sing with legends, Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Richie Blackmore, Alcatraz and many other rock bands.

Don’t forget the podcast is on as 24/7 loop and you can pop in to listen any time after the initial broadcast by going to The Authors Show and clicking on Archives, Channel 6 and scrolling to Only One Woman, Jane Risdon.

You can listen to Only One Woman on Channel 6 on The Authors Show here:

You can enjoy your own copy of Only One Woman:


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    Do you love music? How about romance? Like to know about musicians and how they live their lives?
    Answer yes to any of those questions?
    OK. Go on over to Jane’s blog and have a look.
    You’ll be tapping, humming and pressing the buy button all at once!
    A page turner from first word to last!


    • Thanks so much Patty, much appreciated, there is a lot of music and nostalgia for those who lived the 60s and for those who want to know what it was like…enjoy. xx


    • Much appreciated Patty, I am sorry about the ear-worms but the songs of that era are worthy of another visit. Fans of the 1960s will feel right at home with the nostalgia in Only One Woman. Have a fab day xx


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