Stella is Dying. Nanny Reads the Tea Leaves and Tarot. Vix is worried sick. Narnia’s Children are starving. Renza has to leave…

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Only One Woman book signing

Stella is facing the surgeon’s knife in the morning. Her best friend Vix is beside herself with worry. Stella is convinced she won’t survive – her uncle died on the operating table.

Best friend, Vix, decides Stella needs a good night out, and blow what might happen tomorrow. There’s a new band on at the local village hall and she drags a reluctant Stella with her, but first they have to visit Nanny Ivy who reads tea leaves and the Tarot…

Narnia’s Children

Renza is dreading August when she has to leave England and travel overseas to live with her family for three years. Typical, just when she’s found someone she loves.

Narnia’s Children arrived out of the blue one May morning from Jersey, and he (Scott) made his presence known in a very unsettling way…

The Swingin’ Sixties in England and everything is in flux, including Stella and Renza. Scott and his band, ‘Narnia’s Children,’ are slowly starving as they seek fame and fortune. Their manager is funding them, but only just. They tour, record, and tour. Something has to give, but at least Scott has the girls…

Find out more by tuning in to The Authors Show Channel 6. Jane is talking about writing Only One Woman with Christina Jones and how their collaboration came about. She will be reading an extract from their novel as well.

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Click on the link to listen in now or pop back to archives anytime and find me there on a 24/7 loop.


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