Breaking news! Ms Birdsong is out of retirement.

MI5 officers don’t often give interviews but now that Lavinia Birdsong is retired (but not for long) she has agreed to be interviewed by an Oxford Newspaper. Colette McCormick shares the interview here.

With Ink From the Pink Pen

Colette, thanks so much for allowing Ms. Birdsong to grace your wonderful blog telling us about her life and work within MI5 – the British Security Services.

Ms. Birdsong Investigates Murder in Ampney Parva: Operation Matryoshka, is with publishers now and is the first in a series featuring the former MI5 Intelligence Officer.

The famous Russian Matryoshka dolls which, like Ms B’s investigation involves removing layers to get to the centre of things.

I hope your readers enjoy her interview with an Oxford Newspaper.

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself.

Ms. Birdsong: As a member of MI5, I’ve held a variety of posts since joining 20 years ago from University. I speak five languages and am proficient in martial arts and use of a variety of firearms and weapons. I’ve worked my way up through the service until I was forced into ‘voluntary’ retirement; we won’t go there! I had my…

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