Such a Perfect Spot, she thought. Such an Ideal Place, he thought…They have The Look…Facebook Groups will never be the same…

The first time he saw her photograph he knew she was the one.

His heart nearly exploded with excitement gazing at the pretty blonde with huge blue eyes and full lips staring invitingly at him. She had the look.

He smiled as he clicked Accept Friend Request.

She smiled to herself as she typed, thinking about him, meeting him, photographing him, watching his brown eyes when – she shivered at the thought. He had the look.

It was a gloriously sunny day with a gentle breeze and the only noise, apart from the wildlife, was the sound of water as it slid over the algae covered water mill paddles.

They were alone apart from the swans and ducks pecking at the edge of the river bank.

Photo Jane Risdon

Photo Jane Risdon

Such a perfect spot, she thought.

Such an ideal place, he thought.

If this has got your imagination going fear not! You can read the whole story – The Look – and others, in Undercover: Crime Shorts.

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I am chatting to my lovely host, Linda Thompson, about writing Undercover: Crime Shorts, what inspired me to write crime stories, and about my life before becoming a writer.

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