‘We were just wondering,’ the blonde nurse said, ‘if you were in a rock group or something…’

There was a bit of a stir from the cubicles and two of the young nurses appeared and shimmied across.

‘We reckon you were the group appearing with Doc Holliday and the Cards, in Dunstable,’ the small nurse said, excitedly.

‘Yeah, dead sexy you were and we tried to see you afterwards but the bouncers wouldn’t let us near…’ the darker haired one giggled.

‘That was us,’ Josh beamed. ‘And I’m gutted that you couldn’t meet us after the gig. We could have given you – um – our autographs.’

‘We can still do autographs,’ Zac grinned, ‘in exchange for phone numbers.’

If you enjoyed Stella’s diary extract from March 17th. 1969 from Only One Woman, why not buy your copy – paperback or for Kindle – and trip back to the UK music scene of 1968/69 – with Stella, Renza, Scott and his band, Narnia’s Children, and discover what the band was doing in A&E during the wee small hours.

To learn more about our novel and the inspiration behind it, pop over and listen in to my Podcast interview on The Authors Show, where I am chatting about the late 1960s: the music, fashion, love, the food, drink, perfumes, clubs, venues, and the bands and singers Narnia’s Children met along their journey to stardom.

I’ll be explaining how best-selling, award-winning Christina Jones and I came to write together, and just how our past is linked through music, love, and so much more.

Photo Jane Risdon

I shall be reading a chapter from Renza’s diary, and her trip to London to dine at the Dorchester in Park Lane with her cousin, including her first visit to Carnaby Street – June 16th. 1968.


Both girls kept secret diaries
Foreword written by iconic rock singer Graham Bonnet who recorded Only One ?Woman in 1968, written by the Bee Gees for The Marbles. Photo Jane Risdon

Guys love this book. Musicians can relate to the depiction of life on the road in the late 1960s – the venues, the gigs, the lack of food and a decent place to stay – whilst girls love the fashions, make-up, and their idols, such as Dusty Springfield, Cher, Jools Driscoll, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Cathy McGowan, and Samantha Juste to mention a few.

Carnaby Street

This is an authentic tale of life on the road in a transit van with lipstick messages scrawled all over it, the girls following the bands they love, and the love-triangle involving a lead guitarist and a young unworldly girl, and a street-wise sassy young woman – and he loves them both.

Photo Jane Risdon

Not only a love story, this novel gives the reader an insight into the lives of youngsters in the last years of the grooviest decade of the 20th century, and how social upheaval, the Cold War, and free-love changed everything and everyone forever.

Photo Jane Risdon


77 fab reviews including…

Absolutely enchanting book which took me right back to the late 60s…‘ ***** Reader review

Loved the characters…loved the story…loved the book!!‘ ***** Reader review

WOW WOW WOW absolutely loved this book. So cleverly written…‘ ***** Reader review

I loved this book. I loved stepping back in time and the music played through my head as if it was real!‘ ***** Reader review

‘An excellent job, well done, and heartily recommended’ ***** Reader review

You can find us in Waterstones stores.

And you can also

purchase books, and follow Jane here:







    • I know, you have to wonder what they made of it all. So very different times back then. When I grew up, China was an unknown mostly and everyone wore those blue Chairman Mau suits and hats. Several people in India also tell me how much they love OOW – it is heartening. Linda is the host of the show, not my co-author. Christina Jones is my co-author. But I am so happy you tuned in. Thanks so much. Appreciated. xx


      • Thank you for the good story, Jane! Oh, i know. I had to pritizise back in May 2018, because some of the WP cookies were not allowed around the German version of the data protection law. But now i am working on a fast reopening with a German hosting partner. But in the meantime all reblogs and postings are automatically forwarded to Twitter @EslarnerZeitung. Back in 2003 we had founded a very small monthly newspaper. Have a nice day! Michael

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am so glad you have not disappeared Michael. I wondered. As you know I have lived in Germany twice. Loved it there. 1957-1960 and 1968-1970. Only One Woman included a lot about Wetter Ruhr and Renza’s life in the village (town possibly by now) and I am sure your readers would love to see what life was like back then for an English girl living there. Good luck with your re-opening. Great connecting once more. Have a safe weekend. xx


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