Spring and Summer photos with my phone camera.

A view of the river at The Vyne, Hampshire Photo: Jane Risdon 2021

I spent a lovely day at The Vyne, which is a 16th century Tudor mansion that has been added to over the years by members of the Chute family. It is now owned by the National Trust and is situated in Sherbourne St John, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 9HL. It was built for Lord Sandys, Henry V111’s Lord Chamberlain. Various owners of the house have been obliged to take the name Chute in order to benefit from various wills throughout the centuries.

The Vyne Photo: Jane Risdon 2021. Photo taken from the river side.
The Vyne. One of the flower beds near the house. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021
Early morning visitors daily – a heron and one of three species of deer. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021

It has been quite a Spring and Summer so far.

Three species of deer visit daily. This is about 5am in the morning and the photo was taken through a window because they are very shy and take off quickly if spooked. We get Roe deer, Chinese Water deer and Muntjac deer visit.

The heron also flies in about the same time. He watched the pond silently and motionlessly for ages. Last time he sat there for two hours without moving. He then moves slowly forward, until he is inside the wooden barrier and then stands silently and motionlessly for another period of time. When he raises one foot and paws the ground I know he has spotted his prey (frog/toad/newt, or whatever), and is about to go in for the kill. I will spare you the details, but it is not a pretty sight.

A vixen and her three cubs have been frequent visitors and so has a British woodpecker. There are too many squirrels to count but they dash around like they are battery charged and the babies hop from tree to tree without ever seeming to judge the route. There are bats and too many species of birds to list here.

The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park, Berkshire. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021. England’s finest Ornamental garden, arranged in seasonal displays. Wick Lane, Engerfield Green, TW20 OUJ
The Savill Garden, a great place to spend a day and tune into nature. Never crowded. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021
Always something to see. The Savill Garden. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021
The Savill Garden. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021
The Savill Garden. Photo: Jane Risdon 2021
Mandarin Duck on a local lake . Photo: Jane Risdon 2018
Swans on a local lake. Photo: Jane Risdon 2019
Egyptian Goose, local lake. Photo: Jane Risdon 2011

I hope you enjoyed my latest photos. Taking them and visiting the places featured always lifts my spirits. Take care, stay safe. Jane xx

All Photos (c) Jane Risdon 2021. All Rights Reserved.


    • Thanks so much, Debra, it is gorgeous and so peaceful and inside the house, there are some fab things to see. My last visit was in 2019 and I took way too many indoor photos. I must look them out and share. Have a fab week, great to hear from you xx

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    • Pamela, thanks. Coming from such a talented artist as yourself, I am flattered. I must admit that nature and the camera do the hard bit. I point and shoot. I have lots on the blog taken at various times. It keeps me sane xx

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    • James, it was an amazing morning, first the Heron, then three species of deer, Roe, Muntjac and Chinese Water deer appeared but got spooked by a loud bang, the roe came back and the heron never moved. A vixen and her cubs turned up and the squirrels were doing their thing but I could not get a clear shot without opening a window and that does spook them so it was taken through the glass. The heron comes back now and again but not so often as in April/May. the deer are here daily along with the squirrels but as I said, spook easily. Thanks, I am happy you like them. x

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