Candice knew someone was out there; she could feel him. Who was watching her, and why?

Across the road and out of view a figure lurked in the shadows waiting for the bedroom light to go on. He gazed at the house, mindful of the passing traffic going about its business.

Drivers and pedestrians oblivious to him standing there – he thrilled at the thought of being an invisible presence – watching.

Night after night he took up the same position where he could see the house and what was happening inside. But most of all he could see her.

She always left it until it got dark to close her curtains and when she was going upstairs he could see her clearly through the curtain-less landing window.

He watched her going back and forth between rooms, sometimes in her dressing gown. He’d get a fleeting glimpse as she moved into her bedroom before she shut him out of her world.

Her watcher never tired of of the spectacle that he knew was put on just for him.

If you enjoyed reading this extract from my short story, The Watchers, you can find the whole story and others in my collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts.

And you can catch my podcast interview on The Authors Show here – it is live now, and can be found in archives (channel 4) at any other time 24/7 on a loop.

What readers are saying about Undercover: Crime Shorts

Former Detective and Crime Writer Roger A Price reviewed Undercover: Crime Shorts and gave it 5*

Roger A. Price – crime thriller writer.
5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant collection of stories.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on Undercover – Crime Shorts: is a wonderfully satisfying anthology of seven stories which transcend above the crime fiction genre providing a ripping yarn irrespective of preference. Jane Risdon has cleverly stitched together a mix of tales to suit all fans of the genre. And the last one being a taster of Jane’s next crime thriller about ex-MI5 officer Lavinia Birdsong; who wouldn’t want to know more about a character with such an interesting name! Highly recommended.

On – I am reading from Undercover: Crime Shorts and chatting about murder and crime writing with my host Linda Thompson. Join us, we have lots of fun and I get to talk about the importance of Forensic Science and miscarriages of justice.

Click the link to listen now or click and follow links to Channel 4 in archives any other time, scroll to Jane and Undercover: Crime Shorts – the podcast is on a loop 24/7.

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