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What a fab round-up this week. Something for everyone and so much to read and enjoy. Thanks for including me, Sally, much appreciated. Have a wonderful week.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed during the week.

I hope you are all well.. as in the UK, Covid cases are on the increase here as expected, although they have been quite strict about non-essential travel. That all changes later in July and thousands of Irish families are heading off on holiday… long awaited. I think we will be sticking around in our coastal backwater and keeping out of the way.

The garden has been watered naturally for the last two weeks without my intervention and despite the sparcity of sunshine…has continued to blossom.. I have a number of lilies that I have cultivated from bulbs over the years and then divide and repot at the end of the season. This last two weeks has seen them bloom and this year I used a different potting soil and instead of orange they have emerged…

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  1. I was a big fan of Graham Bonnet in the 60’s with the Marbles. He still had a huge voice in the Rainbow days though I wasn’t a fan of heavy rock. Only One Woman and The Walls Fell Down are still records I play frequently on You Tube.
    Huge Hugs

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    • Good taste David, Graham is back with Alcatraz again – his band – with Don Airey on Keyboards – and I have heard the new album. Awesome. Nice guy and always a gent. Like Alice Cooper, always a gent. The foreword to OOW is fab, gives and insight into writing and recording with The Bee Gees and working with their manager back in 1968.

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