St. Peter Port Guernsey, St. Helier, Jersey: The beginning of a Summer Adventure for Stella, or was it?

Only One Woman, Stella’s Diary May 17th 1969 – going to Jersey, part 2.

Both girls kept secret diaries

The Sania stayed docked in St. Peter Port in Guernsey for hours, well, maybe just over an hour – but it was driving me insane with impatience. I leaned over the side and watched people coming and going. Oh, hurry up! How long did it take to get on and off a boat for heavens sake?!

Channel Islands Ferry


I stood up, leaning over the rails, no longer feeling sick, just starring as Scott’s island took shape. I could see rocks and flower-sprigged cliffs and little white sandy bays…and then , as The Sarnia slowed towards St. Helier, the imposing sight of Fort Regent high on its granite hill, towering into the sky. I practically jumped up and down with excited anticipation. I’d made it! I was in Jersey! Almost…

Old Postcard

Stella was going to spend the summer in Jersey with Scott, staying with his mother, half-sister, and step-father, at their fabulous farmhouse.

Scott’s family home in Jersey. Photo RVR
Lords, a Jersey Nightclub. Photo Jane Risdon

She couldn’t wait to see the band again, to enjoy their gigs and most of all, the sun, sea and sands of Jersey.

Old Postcard

Find out more about Stella and Only One Woman – tune in to and listen to Jane talking about co-writing with award-winning, best-selling author, and lifelong friend, Christina Jones.

Christina Jones

Jane shares lots of detail about their 1960s life, shared interests, love of music and fashion, not to mention all the bands, venues, gigs, and world events that shaped their lives at the end of the grooviest decade of the 20th century: the Swinging Sixties.

Carnaby Street

She also reads from Renza’s diary, July 20th 1968 – when she is taken to Carnaby Street for the first time and experiences Swinging London up close and personal.

Photo: Jane Risdon 1968
Jersey, Channel Islands

It’s all in Only One Woman – oh! and there is an epic love-triangle at the heart of the novel.

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Tune in to The Authors Show for the full interview on channel 6 – 24 hour podcast.

It is available 24/7 on a loop other times, go to Channel 6, archives and scroll for Jane Risdon, Only One Woman.

Only One Woman book signing

Only One Woman – Guys and Gals love it. Our Readers say:

Marian Lanouette 5.0 out of 5 stars A grand trip back to the sixities–the music-the confusion-and the coming of age.

Reviewed in the United States: I loved this book and the trip back to the sixties. I’d flip between Rena and Scott then Stella and Scott. I won’t say how it ends, but it’s worth the read and the memories it evokes. The writing is seamless between who is writing which character, and the depth and feelings of them, especially Rena for me (I had a strict catholic mother) was easy to relate too. And yes, at times I wished I had Stella’s parents and the freedom. Can’t wait for the sequel.

Colm Herron5.0 out of 5 stars Two stunning authors

Reviewed in Ireland: The Sixties are still a bit of a blur for me. That means I was there. And I have a lot of broken hearts to prove it – all mine. I was shot down so many times in those ten or so years that it’s a wonder I’m still here. All of which means I know something of the problems and the heartache that Only One Woman’s main protagonists Renza and Stella went through. But it wasn’t Scott I was after. Definitely not, believe me. It was Patricia and Hazel and Marie and Ann and Sybil and Melanie and … I can’t go on.

The two girls in Only One Woman tell of their crush on Scott in a way that can only mean that the authors of this wonderfully nostalgic and loving look at the Sixties were rapt witnesses to those amazing years. The people, the songs, the music, the styles – and most of all the attitudes. In one sense it didn’t matter too much to me which of these two girls ended up with Scott because far more important than that was the way that these two authors got right into the hearts of the lovestruck Renza and Stella.

Ah, the authors. First, Christina Jones. Apart from a scintillating career in writing which began when she was a mere child, she has done so many odd-jobs – as well as odd jobs – that her life experience cannot be doubted. (Possibly the only work she didn’t do was captaining a North Sea oil rig, although I’m open to correction on that). And her co-author in this labour of love they have written is the incomparable Jane Risdon. Jane has been closely involved in so many fascinating experiences that she needs a separate wardrobe for all the T-shirts she has to vouch for it. Rock, Thrash Metal, Pop, R&B, Chinese Opera as well as movies, television and radio worldwide. And now writing, which amazingly she only got into five years ago. Stunning. Both stunning people.

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