Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 8th – 14th August – Minnie Riperton, The Green Kitchen, Stories, Reviews, Kidney Health and Humour

Gosh, where to begin? I could list every wonderful thing you will discover on this blog, but I’d be here until Christmas and beyond, My advice – take a peep. You will not be disappointed. And, there is Minnie listen to – a much loved track. Go for it, live dangerously, drop into Smorgasbord blog magazine.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord

I hope that you have all had a good week. Mixed weather here but compared to some of the fires in Southern Europe due to the extreme heat, we have no complaints.

David is busy building me a new computer with all the up to date wizardry, including a stable version of Windows 10 that he configures like Windows 7 as he knows I prefer it. Over the years he has built many and saved a fortune.. buys the components and a box and instead of a one size fits all it is custom made to our requirements. He also removes some of the unnecessary bells and whistles we don’t need and just slow everything up as well as track your every key stroke. Not to mention creating a sound-proofed studio for my podcasts.


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