Could she, should she, would he, will he? Dark secrets call for dark measures…

Percy Archer sat in the Jolly Farmer and stared at his letter, his breath rapid and shallow, his mind in turmoil. How did she know? What was he going to do? He’d never live it down. She couldn’t really expect him to do it, could she? But, what choice did he have?

Meanwhile, Agatha Marshal was having a similar experience in her kitchen where she held a damp cloth to her head, blood thumping through her temples. Dear God! Whatever am I going to do? She can’t be serious? How could I? But Agatha knew that the alternative was unthinkable; she had her reputation after-all.

Photo Jane Risdon

Tim Seymour read the letter twice more and then sighed. He knew this day would come eventually. He’d spent twenty years wondering if she would ever surface again. He’d only himself to blame, but he had been young and in love – desperate to have her at any cost. At any cost? She’d double-crossed him in the end. He wondered if he’d be able to do it again.

Photo Jane Risdon

If this has aroused your curiosity pop over to my podcast interview on The Authors Show and discover more about my short story collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts.

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I am chatting to my host, the lovely Linda Thompson about writing short stories, my interest and subsequent study of Forensic Science and Criminal Justice – with various online universities in the UK catering for Crime Writers…

And I read from Undercover: Crime Shorts which was great fun.

We chat about my previous careers in the Civil Service and the International Music Business and so much more.

There is a lot of laughter. We had a blast.

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