Smorgasbord Coffee Morning – Bring a Guest – Author Jane Risdon and International Stylist and Journalist Dennie Pasion

I’m having coffee and a natter to my cousin, international hair stylist and make-up artist to the stars today. We are over on the fabulous Smorgasbord Coffee Morning, Join us, and enjoy. Thanks Sally for hosting us. xx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Recently I ran a series Public Relations for Authorswhich focused on how we are perceived by those who view our profile photographs, biographies and presence on social media. This included guest posts on other writer’s blogs. Here is an opportunity to not only promote your own blog or books, but those of someone you admire as well.

Is there an inspiring individual, blogger or an author you would like to give a boost to who might enjoy joining you for a coffee and a piece of cake with us all?

Details on how to participate are at the end of this next post in the series.

Today Jane Risdonhas invited along her cousin Dennie Pasionwho has enjoyed a fabulous career as a stylist to the wealthy and famous around the world. Fascinating background and her expertise is available now in workshops and books.

Author Jane Risdon and…

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