Come with Me: Enjoy more Twists and Turns than Spaghetti Junction.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is back on the fabulous global podcast, The Authors Show, where I’m chatting with my lovely host, Linda Thompson. We’re discussing my crime collection of short stories.

With more Twists and Turns than Spaghetti Junction and edge of the cliff suspense and tension...

We touch on my former careers in both the international music business and, before that, working in the Civil Service. Such a contrast, I know.

I joined the Civil Service in Germany in the late 1960s and transferred from there to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after a year.

My experiences sparked a lifelong interest in all things espionage, and I was fortunate enough to have worked at a time when so much was happening around the world which involved our Foreign Services, Embassies and the various events related to the Cold War.

Thames House HQ of MI5 Photo CNrB

Later, marriage to a musician opened up a whole new world for me, exciting, glamourous, and one which involved travel, something I have always enjoyed. We went on to work in the international music business and it opened my eyes to so much more than just music! Where there is money and power there is corruption.

The Payola scandal of the late 1970s and various legendary shenanigans have influenced some of my writing as many of you who have read some of my music-themed crime stories have discovered. These appear in various anthologies for those interested.

Photo Jane Risdon

I really enjoyed telling Linda about the various Forensic Science and Criminal Justice courses I have undertaken to ensure that my crime writing is as accurate as possible when it comes to collecting forensic evidence at the scene of a crime and on a body, then following the evidence to identify a body, a crime scene and later through to the interviews with witnesses, and to the court case which may/may not be possible to prosecute a criminal. I don’t go into too much detail, of course, but it was fun to tell my host about my courses.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is a mixture of short stories, with strong characters – mostly female – experiencing edge of the cliff tension as their stories unfold.

Listen as I read from Apartment 206c when we join murder witness, China, fleeing for her life with the aid of an FBI agent who can no longer trust her own colleagues. Will they both escape death?

Catch up with Jane and Linda on The Authors Show – click the link for channel. Also available 24/7 on a loop. Go to the link and find the channel 4, and scroll down.

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