They could be Heroes – Narnia’s Children Save the Day

Photo: Daniel Zuflucht – Pixabay

Renza’s Diary June 6th 1968

The local paper had photos and everything. A big write-up about Narnia’s Children stopping on their way back from a series of gigs to help put our a big wild-fire on the heath near Blackstone airport.

Mum pointed it out to me in the paper and I couldn’t believe it. They were heroes. The fire-brigade had been struggling to contain the fire when the band drove past and, seeing how bad it was, drove back to help fight the fire.

The reporter said they worked through the night until about 8am alongside the firemen, and took photos of them all covered in smoke. There was another photo of them, too, what the reporter called their ‘publicity stills’ – they’d used in a programme for gigs and TV shows in Jersey. It all seemed too unreal.

Sixteen year old Renza loves music and fashion, and Scott from Narnia’s Children.

Eighteen year old Scott loves music and his band, and Renza.

Renza is about to go overseas for three years to join her family. She does not want to leave Scott.

Scott is in England to tour and record and he doesn’t want her to go.

Music, Fashion, Rock and Pop Icons, Famous Venues, Pirate Radio, Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go! Carnaby Street, Fabulous Locations,

The Cold War, Moon Landings, Political Assassinations, Social Upheaval and so much more…

And an Epic Love Triangle…


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