Benny the Fence, and Desi Garcia’s Syncopators are Music to Her Ears…

Hollywood 1939 and Jazz singer Sweet Sable prepares for her set with Desi Garcia’s Syncopators, but first, she has an appointment with a safe and its contents.

Later she will visit Benny the Fence. Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this girl prefers hard, untraceable cash…

Hollywood Boulevard 1930s

Visit a nightclub in Hollywood and a hotel in Beverley Hills frequented by the rich and famous. Hang out with Sweet Sable at Big Bear Mountain and Lakes with the film crew and stars of Gone with The Wind…

Join me on The Authors Show (channel 4) when I chat about writing Undercover: Crime Shorts and the short stories I’ve included in my collection.

Listen as I read a chapter from Undercover: Crime Shorts, and have a giggle with my host, Linda Thompson, as we chat about my former careers, and the many experiences I’ve used in my writing.

Autumn 2021 My crime collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts is being used by Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, for 2nd-year students in their class: Introduction to Literature.

My collection is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, iTunes, and other digital platforms in eBook and Paperback.

Also, from Waterstones, Blackwells, WH Smith, and other book stores in paperback, by ordering it.

Undercover: Crime Shorts is available internationally via digital platforms.

My Readers have reviewed Undercover: Crime Shorts – here is what two readers have to say. Thanks so much. I am chuffed you enjoyed it so much…


5.0 out of 5 stars

Intriguing collection Reviewed in the United Kingdom

A fantastic collection of short stories by Jane Risdon who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Each story twists and turns and just when you think you have figured it out it twists again. The stories are so well written the only problem I have is that once started I cannot put the book down! Looking forward to the Ms. Birdsong book, the taster at the end of the book had me hooked. Jane is such a versatile author whether it’s Crime, Murder Mystery, or a Love Story (Only One Woman) the reader is captivated from page 1.

Robbie Cheadle

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Fast-paced, exciting, and unique

Reviewed in the United States.

I take my hat off to this author. Jane Risdon has taken the genre of murder mystery short stories to a new level with this collection of six superbly different and unique stories. Each story is complete and stands alone with a proper storyline which I really liked as I have read a number of short stories that feel incomplete as if they are intended to be part of a larger work. There is also an excellent extract from a forthcoming novel included at the end as a bonus.

My personal favourite story was The Watchers which starts off on a horribly creepy note with the main character, Candice, being stalked telephonically by an unknown someone. The tension as she stands there with the telephone in her hand following the latest call is almost unbearable. “Her heart was making her blouse shake as it thudded faster and faster. Sweat ran down between her breasts and her legs felt as if they were going to give from under her. The constant ringing vibrated through her hand and up her arm.” Wow! I was shaking with Candice. This story certainly is not your standard peeping Tom tale and the twist at the end is clever and unexpected.

It is difficult in a short story to get your reader to really connect with your characters as you have such a short time to do this in. Jane Risdon has done it seamlessly in this collection and I really felt for all her characters. Sweet Sable – also known as the Red Siren, a gorgeous woman with her own agenda and the determination and ruthlessness to achieve it; China, the writer next door, who gets pulled into a very strange situation involving her neighbours and the Russian Mafia; Candice the seemingly innocent victim of a stalker but who has a past; the photographers who both had “the look”; a wealthy deceased woman with an extraordinary sense of justice and humour and a successful British diplomat whose encounter with a prostitute doesn’t go according to plan.

If you enjoy the murder mystery genre and like stories that are fast-paced, exciting, and unique, you will love this book.

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