People, You’ve Got the Power Over What We Do*

As ever, Margot hits the nail on the head with this fab piece about reader power and how readers react when something changes in a series they love. I loved the Ariadne sample (Agatha Christie), she summed up how I feel very astutely. Margot, thanks for another interesting and informative piece.

Crime Writer Margot Kinberg

If you think about it, authors really need readers. On the one hand, people who love writing would write whether or not anyone read their work. But there’s nothing like the connection between authors and the people who read and appreciate their writing (Am I right, writers?). A good review means the world to a writer; a bad one can send that writer into a deep depression. Even well-established, best-selling authors understand how important readers are, and the truly great ones respect that and are good to their fans.

But that relationship can also be complex. Readers can sometimes feel a sort of ownership in a series, and they can be upset if something happens that they don’t like. Or, writers can shy away from contact with readers, which can put the reader off. It’s really interesting to see how this relationship plays out in real life, and in crime…

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