Imagine…using experiences to write.

It is always a great pleasure to share my podcast interviews with you all.

Recording an interview

For those who are into crime stories, and have not yet listened in, you can do that by clicking the link to The Author Show for my chat with host Linda Thompson, when we natter about my short story collection, Undercover: Crime Shorts.

The Authors Show is a global network based in the USA and is for writers and readers to enjoy. Each featured author has the opportunity to discuss their books, their inspiration, and plots with interviewers who put you at ease and ask intelligent and interesting questions.

Each author is asked to read a chapter from their book and it is a fab resource for readers interested in discovering new authors. For authors, it is a fantastic opportunity to expose their writing to a huge audience of listeners around the world on various platforms.

I really enjoyed chatting about my former careers in the international music business, and before that, in various government departments. All great opportunities for me to use my experiences in my writing.

Imagine being a youngster working in Germany for the British Ministry of Defence, not long after the Berlin Wall went up, and just over a decade after the end of the Second World War, in an area where the Dam Busters bombed the dams and the steelworks along the Rhine and Ruhr, where the buildings had watermarks up their sides showing the level of the water flooding through the village peaked at.

My office in Germany was at the top of this road.

I was that teenager. I lived in such a village in the late 1960s.

The village where I lived

Then, imagine being entertained to Sunday lunch, followed by a movie, all supplied in a building once used by former Vice-Chancellor Hermann Goering, one of the leaders of the Nazi party, for some of his most infamous speeches. The Sergeant’s Mess – on the base where I worked – had a balcony from which Goering delivered his speeches. It made my flesh crawl thinking about it whenever I set foot inside the place.

Flooded by the dam Busters

Later, returning to England to work in London at another great government establishment, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with all the history attached to the building and events which have taken place in there over the centuries, I had the most wonderful experiences. All filed away in my writer’s brain, waiting for a time to use them in my stories.

My office – London – was in here

We talk about all of this. And…

Eventually, after several other government departments where I worked whilst my husband’s band embarked upon their career in music, we both went into the International Music Business, where we had the most amazing experiences, some quite bizarre, but never, ever dull. Such a fab opportunity for a would-be writer to observe and remember for future stories.

Music Festival Photo Jane Risdon
Photo Jane Risdon

All this is discussed. I really enjoyed it, and I hope that if you listen in you will enjoy my interview too.

Follow the links and drop in for a few minutes to hear what Linda asks me and what I have to say. You can listen to a short extract from one of the stories in Undercover: Crime Shorts.

My interview is available any time – looped 24/7 – on Channel 4, see the link.

Listen now or go to Archives on The Authors Show website any time, and scroll down for my name and book to find the interview. Let me know if you do and tell me what you think. I love to hear from you.

Photo Ursula Williams
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Love Jane. xx


  1. Hi Jane, I listen to your enjoyable pod cast interview. As my Christmas Wishes to you I have bought ‘Undercover-Crime Shorts,’ today. I look forward to finding some quite periods to read the stories. Thank you.

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